Selling Pulldowns

Designing a kitchen? Consider the selling power of pullout faucets.

When you're talking kitchen design with a customer, style and function go hand-in-hand. Your clients have a long list of things they want the space to accomplish - as well as a personality they want it to evoke.

Pulldown faucets from Moen offer your clients the best of both worlds: versatile style and great performance. It's no wonder these faucets are growing in popularity. Here are a few things to consider the next time you recommend a pulldown faucet:

Designing a kitchen? Consider the selling power of pullout faucets

Talk immediate benefits

Pulldown faucets offer exceptional functionality that makes it easier to accomplish many tasks in and around the sink. This extended versatility - without the need for a separate side spray - is a benefit customers can understand immediately. Ask them about their current side spray - what they use it for, what they wish it did. This will help establish the need and allow you to talk and demonstrate the benefits that pulldowns offer.

Pulldown faucets offer exceptional functionality

Show how leaner means cleaner

With no separate side spray, customers have one less fixture to clean and one less "hole" to clean around the sink. Plus, everything is contained in one, meaning fewer holes to drill in a solid surface countertop.

Show how leaner means cleaner

Demonstrate the smooth operation

Moen faucets feature a wand that's as easy to pullout as it is to use. A gentle pull instantly releases the wand, and a far-reaching fiber hose extends smoothly and quietly. To increase range of motion during use around the sink, all faucets feature a swivel ball joint at the wand and junction. A balanced weight returns the hose to the faucet housing, and an innovative design keeps the spray wand docked tightly.

Demonstrate the smooth operation

Spread the functionality - and style - throughout the kitchen

Moen has always considered the complete room when designing our faucet collections, and our pullout lines are no different. Several styles offer coordinating bar/prep faucets for secondary sinks - and an easy upsell for you.

Something for every design taste

Some customers may think that pullout faucets automatically equal contemporary style - but not with Moen. Our lineup includes choices for everyone. Take a minute to browse our pulldown faucets