Bathroom Refresh Q & A

Make Small Changes for Big Bathroom Improvements

From bland and basic to refreshed and beautiful. It's probably easier than you think to transform your personal oasis—and it doesn't have to break the bank. Here are a few money-saving tips, as well as a few creative ideas from Carter Oosterhouse.

Q: What can I do to make my small bathroom feel larger?

A: Clutter can make a small space feel even smaller. So focus on storage and de-cluttering by paring down on towels and using just one large floor rug. Select one piece of art instead of lots of small pieces. To add the illusion of space, buy a mirror meant to hang on a door (only about $15 at most discount stores) and hang it horizontally over the tub.

Q: What can I do to spruce up my bathroom without totally redoing it?

A: The easiest way to make an instant impact is by replacing the first thing people notice in a bathroom—that old shower curtain. Perk up your bathroom with a matching curtain and rug. Or add a houseplant or flower to the counter. (Just be sure to pick one that can deal with low light.) A tip from Carter Oosterhouse: Pay attention to the small stuff. Use knobs, textures and a soap tray to help dictate your style.

Replace your shower curtain and add a rug, potted plant, and accessories

Q: I need a new vanity. How can I get one on a budget?

A: Here's where it pays to get creative. Take an old kitchen island or bedroom dresser and cut a hole to fit the sink. If the top is damaged, you can cover it with broken mosaic tiles. You can also update the countertop. A tip from Carter Oosterhouse: When you're looking to install a new countertop, remember there's more than granite and marble out there. Take a look at concrete or butcher block.

Q: Do you have any creative storage ideas?

A: Repurpose a couple vintage mason jars and hang them on the wall to store odds and ends like Q-tips, make-up sponges and cotton balls. Adding a shelf above the door is a great way to make use of space for things you don't need every day like extra toilet paper, hand soap and towels. Or use a double towel bar, or longer towel bar (24" or more) or robe hooks to keep things neat and orderly.

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Q: How can I bring that luxury hotel feel into my bathroom?

A: If you're dreaming about that beautiful hotel you recently stayed in, try bringing some of that luxury home with a space-creating curved shower rod, or add an upscale touch with a decorative shelf. You can also capture the experience with the new Moen Twist™ shower head. It has four different spray settings that can be changed with the flick of your wrist, and features a Spot-Resist® finish that prevents fingerprints and water spots.

Q. How important is the right lighting?

A. The right lighting can make a small bathroom look bigger or a spacious one cozier. To prevent shadowing on your face, be sure to center the lighting over the mirror. If you have two sinks, center one light over each.

Install a curved shower road, decorative shelf, and proper quality lighting