Indulge Clients With Flushmount Body Sprays

Successful homebuilders know they need to set themselves apart and provide a positive, memorable experience for their clients. In the master bath, one of the easiest ways to do that is to install flushmount body sprays in the owner's shower - so clients feel pampered every day.

"Adding flushmount body sprays enhances the shower experience like nothing else can," says Jane Snell-Simpson, president of JS-1 Construction in Coconut Creek, Florida, which specializes in universal design. "It's the simplest way I know to transform a boring, traditional or outdated shower into an impressive and invigorating spa-like experience."

One major appeal of flushmount body sprays comes down to style. Because of their minimalist footprint, they seamlessly fit into most design motifs.

"Homeowners usually want a clean, sleek shower design, regardless if the home is modern or traditional. Flushmount body sprays help achieve this look," says Earl Correll, president of Houston-based On Point Custom Homes, which incorporates spa-like master baths into its homes. "They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, so whether it's a chrome square spray, or a bronze round spray, there are designs to fit everyone's taste."

Flushmount body sprays enhances the shower experience

Beautiful choices from Moen

Moen's complete line of flushmount Mosaic™ body sprays, combined with the Smart Shower digital shower controller, can help you achieve both style and functionality in your next client build.

Beyond style, there are practical elements to these body sprays that appeal to owners, too. "For instance, many of our homeowners want the option to shower without getting their hair wet," Correll says. "We install body sprays with an orientation that allows them to do that."

Beautiful choices from Moen

Ensure maximum benefits

Because body sprays are horizontally oriented, it's important to work with homeowners when you build this amenity into their shower. "Consider the client you're designing for," Snell-Simpson says. "The jets should be sized and positioned with their height, size and needs in mind, including the capability to provide a massage for shoulders, backs, arms and legs." In addition, you want to create a pattern that blends the body sprays with the tile and other shower components.

Controllability is another aspect - and potential selling point - that appeals to many homeowners. "Digital controls are definitely more popular in today's market, because users can program their preferred, preset temperatures," Correll says. "With the push of one button, the water temperature, showerhead and body sprays start at the homeowner's preferred setting."

create a pattern that blends the body sprays with the tile and other shower components

Smart installation tips

As always, installation techniques are key to success. The first item to consider is the orientation of the body sprays - placing them opposite an opening shower door, or too close to a facing wall, can be anything but relaxing for users.

"Pipes must be sized properly to bring sufficient water to the jets so they operate with enough pressure," Snell-Simpson says. "Also, people might spend more time in a shower with body spray features, so the hot water heater needs to be properly sized."

By incorporating stylish flushmount body sprays into your clients' master bath showers, you'll help them enjoy spa comforts on a daily basis. That should result in positive referrals for years to come.

Enjoy spa comforts on a daily basis with flushmount body sprays