Shower options
Moen Shower Planning Guide

A Better Shower Experience

You want a shower that makes water feel therapeutic. One that can wash away tension, invigorate the spirit or simply provide a few moments of indulgent solitude every day.

Design Your Shower

Personalizing your shower experience starts by thinking through four primary considerations.


Consider how many walls you’ll use.

 How many of the walls surrounding your shower will be glass? Want all of your controls and shower devices on the same wall? Or would you rather be surrounded with spray? Don’t forget, the ceiling can serve as an extra wall for a rainshower. Will you need to include a tub spout?

Find dozens of Dream Spa and Shower Spa shower configuration ideas  (like the one to the right) by downloading our Shower Planning Guide.


Shower Configuration Options

Showering Devices

Select water spray options.

Showerhead. Handshower. Rainshower. Body sprays. Which do you prefer? How many of each?


Shower Device Options
Shower Valve Options

Valve Options

Take control.

The options can seem complicated, but it’s really just a matter of how you’d like your shower to function. Do you want your shower to be a part of your smart home? Would you like to control water volume and temperature independently? Do you want to use more than one showering device at the same time (where local water use regulations allow)?

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Trim Style and Finish

Get the perfect look.

The handles, showerhead style and connections to your wall are called trim. Is your trim style minimalist modern? Or are you going for a more elegant, traditional look? Do you prefer mirror-like Chrome or the bold statement of Matte Black?


Shower Trim Style and Finish
Bath Safety Products

Bath Safety Products

A fresh look at safety.

Slips and falls in the bath are a danger for everyone. The good news? Making your shower safer doesn’t have to detract from its beauty. Decorative grab bars, designed to coordinate with Moen® shower trim collections, add style and stability.

Shower Rails & Annex

Shower Rails & Annex

More functionality. Less construction.

Transform your standard shower by adding more showering options without a costly remodel. Add any showerhead and handshower style you wish, then transfer water from one to the other with ANNEX™.