M-PRESS Heavy-Duty Metering Faucets

In heavy-use facilities, it's imperative for metering faucets to provide consistent timing and reliable performance. M-PRESS metering faucets deliver on your highest expectations while offering updated style with cast-brass construction and vandal-resistent features.

Consistent Timing: Sealed Silicone Timing Mechanism
The sealed silicone timing mechanism is comletely separated from the water source - protected from impurities and clogs - to ensure consistent timing.

Reliable Performance: Pressure-Independent Design
Even if pressure varies, you get consistent handle feel, reliable timing and proper shutoff with every use.

Superior Durability: Anti-Rotation Handle and Deckplate
Interlocking design ensures the handle will never rotate. Optional anti-rotation deckplates are available for single-mount models (8884,8894)

Vandal-Resistant Operation: Recessed Aerator
Unique, recessed design protects aerator from tampering and damage.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Solid cast-brass body and a finish that resists harsh chemical cleaners.

Worry-Free Quality: Five-Year Limited Warranty

Versatile Interchangeability: Manual-to-Metering Conversion Kit
Convert any M-DURA 8200 series* faucet to an M-PRESS metering faucet with a simple cartridge and handle conversion kit.
*Excludes 8242,8244 and new Modern Lavs.

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