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No one surpasses the durability or ease of maintenance built into our faucets and valves.

Our heavy-duty, medium-duty and sensor-operated fixtures stand up to heavy use even in the most demanding environments. In addition, our innovations streamline maintenance and repairs, saving both time and money. With thoughtful design, we provide superior products that exceed users' needs while delivering lower lifetime costs for today's modern facilities. With Moen Commercial, you can count on all of these benefits.

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Below Deck Cut Out

Battery Advantage

No battery replacement is needed for an estimated eight years with M-POWER™ sensor-operated flush valves and faucets*. M-POWER uses standard AA batteries with no need to purchase specialty batteries. Flush valves feature a manual overrider button that ensures the system is always operational, even if there's a power outage.

Above-deck models offer easy to access batter packs and mechanics. An LED display shows when batteries need replacing.

*See product specifications for full battery life details.

AccuSet Piston Technology

AccuSet™ Piston Technology

AccusSet™  piston technology means virtually no maintenance or replacement parts are necessary for the life of the flush valve, thanks to a self-cleaning internal filter screen and self-lubricating seals to guard against damage and leaks caused by particles in the water. Variations in water pressure won't affect the reliable performance of the flush valve.
No Tools Required

No Tools Required

No tools are needed to program flow rates and a variety of other settings for M-POWER flush valves. Maintenance crews can easily adjust flow rates and other settings using hand gestures.