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Effortless has never been this easy!

Making water behave as never before

Water may be colorless, but it’s still the messiest ingredient in the kitchen, splashing countertops, floors and clothing during food preparation and clean-up. Whether a fastidious professional or a beloved family chef, all cooks want more control over water. Moen’s new Pullout kitchen faucets with Reflex® combines style and performance in a sleek new upgrade, returning water to its rightful owner.

An upgrade like no other

Moen pullout faucets with Reflex® feature an ultra-flexible hose, allowing for easy maneuverability. The sprayer travels easily in and out of the base without additional assistance. When use of the faucet is complete, simply release the sprayer. The hose automatically retracts and the sprayer securely docks itself and maintains its position when not in use. It’s a fast and tidy finish to every task!

At the speed of life

Cooks will also love the faucet’s seamless undocking and minimal resistance for speedy multi-tasking at the kitchen sink, like filling a pot, rinsing vegetables, and washing a platter. The unique, flexible hose, ample hose length and ball swivel joint provide a wide range of motion and effortless, natural response for any use.

Responsive control

Whatever the task, the faucet fits the hand’s natural grip. Push buttons are positioned right under the fingertips to switch water from stream to spray. The multi-function sprayer gives you the choice of aerated stream, powerful rinse and pause. Optimally-modified water pressure and the shorter sprayer design provide superior spray control.

A naturally good fit for your kitchen

The height of Moen Pullout kitchen faucets fit a variety of countertops and windowsill spaces, complementing existing kitchen architecture. The single top handle design ensures adequate clearance from any backsplash. The new arched styling also offers just the right height for filling large pots.

With its new ergonomic design, convenient features and exceptional functioning, Moen’s pullout kitchen faucets with Reflex® deliver style and performance. Moen’s new Pullout kitchen faucets with Reflex® are available in Chrome, Oil-rubbed Bronze or Spot Resist Brushed Nickel for wholesale buyers and Spot Resist Brushed Nickel at retailers.

Effortless has never been easier

Kinzel with Reflex® Available at Lowes

Effortless has never been easier

Walden with Reflex® Available at The Home Depot

Effortless has never been easier

Brookshire with Reflex®

Effortless has never been easier

Brookshire with Reflex®

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