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March, 2013

Hottest Home Improvement iPhone Apps

With hundreds of thousands of apps created for the iPhone, there are almost too many to choose from. The home improvement category alone has hundreds of apps, offering everything from a basic calculator to a sophisticated paint selector. Let's take a look at the hottest, most useful apps that can make your next job a little easier.

  • Dream Home

    No more clipping magazine photos for inspiration. Get color, style, room and design help from the Dream Home app with full color photos in a variety of home categories to choose from. Designers from all over the world have contributed inspirational photos so you have ideas in-hand when you meet with your contractor, designer or sales person.
  • Handy Man DIY

    This app claims it can turn anyone into a home improvement guru. It does have just about everything you might need for your next project, from categorizing your products in a shopping list format, to measuring 'take-offs' for your individual rooms and adding together the measurements. It even has detailed step-by-step instructions for common projects and video tutorials.
  • Sherwin-Williams Color Snap

    For the interior designer in you, Sherwin-Williams created the Color Snap to help sync up distinct palettes. Just snap a photo of something that inspires you, and Color Snap will match it up to one of 1,500 different Sherwin-Williams paints. It lets you save palettes and will even suggest complementary colors that work well with your original. It's fast, easy and the best part: free.
  • Work Shop

    Managing a home improvement project—or projects—can be almost a full-time job. Until now. Whether you're a handyman or a professional contractor, Work Shop helps you manage all your projects, allowing you to order supplies, keep track of billing, orders, inventory, receiving, etc. Make lists, budget how much you'll need to spend on supplies and, if you're not a fan of math, just use the built-in calculator.
  • Home Maintenance

    When did we have the garage door fixed? When was the last time I changed the air filters? Home Maintenance has the answers. It sets reminders and provides suggestions on when to schedule regular maintenance. You can even email yourself a complete record of maintenance and add photos to keep an archive of your house history and repairs.
  • iScrew

    Know your oval countersunk from your acorn head. iScrew is designed for the carpenter or DIYer who needs classification on types of screws, bolts and fasteners. If you're missing a screw and can't identify it, iScrew allows you to compare photos of screws with your original, and helps to determine what screws work best in what materials.
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