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August, 2013


Any bathroom upgrade can be considered an investment. But depending on whether you're a renter or a homeowner, the dollar amount, project timeline and purpose of that investment can vary greatly. Here are some bathroom improvement tips designed to satisfy both the homeowner and the renter agenda.

  • Upgrades to the shower area can be permanent or portable. Fixed improvements like installing contemporary tiles to the shower make better sense for homeowners.
  • Adding a tension decorative shower rod is an ideal upgrade for renters who want to take their bath accessories with them when they move. (Model shown, by Moen, comes in three finishes to coordinate with your existing fixtures).
  • If carving out a closet is just not possible in the floor plan, building in open wall shelving is a great option for homeowners wanting to display bath items rather than hide them.
  • For renters seeking a quick and easy storage solution, an inexpensive storage rack system puts hand soaps, lotions, cosmetics and hair accessories within easy reach.
  • Painting the walls using a two-tone technique (and two coats) may take a better part of a day, but homeowners love the classy look.
  • Renters may not be allowed to paint and it only takes a few minutes, using 3M command strips, to adhere artwork and photographs to the walls. They help personalize the bath, and landlords prefer their easily removable nature.
  • Have AC outlets installed right into your bathroom pullout drawer and never even think about leaving hair dryers, curling irons and electric shavers out in plain view.
  • Renters, not likely to rewire their bath, find a freestanding floor cabinet to offer adequate hideaway space and they fit into even the smallest floor plans.
  • As a homeowner, you have the ability to install a mirror. The wall mount mirror from Moen's Aris collection is a durable and dependable while saving space and providing you with a cleaner counter.
  • As a renter, there are many small, free-standing models that take up minimal counter space and don't require any installation for you to choose from.
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