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February, 2013

Sneak preview of spring colors and accessories for the home.

Take a look at how the hottest trending colors and coolest new accessories can spring some life into your kitchen and bath.

  • Powder room posh

    Shades of the 1950s and 1960s are re-appearing in the bath with a touch of retro glamour. These anything-but-ordinary pastels pack more punch than the originals, bringing the splendor of semi-precious gemstones like citrine, peridot and amethyst to your walls.
  • Electric, eclectic kitchen

    Kitchen colors for 2013 are more colorful and vibrant than years prior. Inspired by today's neon age of electronics, alternative rock and digital technology, these shades create a blast of high-voltage, eye-grabbing color to jolt your foodie imagination to life.
  • Accessory magnetism

    Magnetic kitchen accessories have gone far beyond the cabinet drawer. Self-suspending, magnetic accessories combine a stainless modern look with the sheer genius of always being within reach, without cluttering your countertop.
  • Notice a pattern?

    Geometric designs are hot because they break up other patterns and shapes while adding a whole new dimension to your bath. Think of hexagons and trapezoids as an upgrade to your more ordinary stripe pattern!
  • Blind faith

    Privacy in the bathroom comes with a simple twist of the wrist when you adorn your window with Venetian blinds. Styles fashioned of wood are a great way to complement your existing bath woodwork and furnishings.
  • Unhealthy habits, dispensed!

    A simple wave of the hand over top commands this dispenser to release a quick and precise amount of liquid hand soap, lotion or sanitizer. Touch-free sensor pumps help prevent the spread of harmful germs. Easy to refill and adjust the amount dispensed.
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