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November, 2011

Make your Guests Feel at Home for the Holidays.

It's hard to believe, but the holidays are already upon us. Which means parties, amazing food and gifts are sure to come. It also means holiday houseguests.

Here are a few simple ways to refresh your house and make your guests feel comfortable, at ease and right at home.

Start with the Guestroom

Begin with the place where your guests will spend the majority of their time: the guestroom. Of course, you need to provide the essentials, such as clean bedding and spare towels.

Extra blankets will ensure a good night's sleep and keep your guests from looking for more covers in the middle of the night. Also, a small vase filled with fresh flowers adds a nice touch to bedside tables.

You may even want to create a holiday guest tray filled with treats such as candy canes, tea, hot cocoa mixes, mugs and hand warmers.

Reinvent the Guest Bath

In order to turn your house into a truly welcoming home, try incorporating some of the odds and ends that your guests may forget: necessities like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Everything should be easy to find and there should be plenty of counter and hanging space for all of your houseguests.

Keep everything coordinated and organized with Moen towel bars and towel shelves—and make a bold and stylish statement at the same time.

If your bath needs a complete overhaul, simplify the renovation with coordinating bathroom fixtures, eliminating the time and effort it takes to re-style an entire bathroom. Try Moen's new Boardwalk Bathroom Suite.

Keep it Simple

Your guests may be unfamiliar with your appliances. But a reference guide like an appliance manual for some of the more complicated equipment will come in handy. For example, label which remotes turn on the TV, DVD player and DVR, and how they work. If your computer has specific instructions, include those as well. Also, consider appliances in your kitchen like your coffee maker.

Home Alone

Help your guests navigate outside of your house, too. Make a guest survival kit that includes a spare set of keys, maps and directions to the local grocery store, public transportation, landmarks and, of course, the closest mall for last-minute holiday shopping. This way, your guests can entertain themselves and have plenty to do if you have to make a last-minute run to work.

Casual Cocktails

Keep cocktail hour low-key by inviting your guests to be their own bartender. Set up tray tables in each room filled with glasses, liquor, mixers and an ice bucket.

You can also do this with snacks and appetizers. Scatter plates of nuts, olives, fresh veggies and cheese straws throughout the house. It will encourage conversation and ensure that the party won't congregate in one spot.

Also, anticipate the need to set down drinks by positioning side tables next to couches and chairs in the living room.

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