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July, 2008

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream bathroom in mind.

The Style In-Law Suite

The Style In-Law Suite

The In-laws. Often, nothing can incite panic like hearing that they're coming to visit. But as the years go by, and your parents (or your spouse's) get older, visits become more frequent and the idea of sharing a home with them can become a welcoming idea.

According to the 2000 U.S. Census, 3.9 million American homes have three or more generations living together, with a number of households consisting of adult children caring for aging parents. When the time is right for them to move into your home, Mom and Dad deserve more than just the guest room. Having a well-designed in-law suite can make sharing a household much more enjoyable for all parties involved.

"Adding an in-law suite is a great idea, especially for homeowners who want to add extra space to their existing home," said Laurie Birko, marketing and communications manager for Creative Specialties International, a Moen Incorporated brand. "By thinking about the design and amenities aging parents will need, you'll have a universal space that will be safe and accessible."

Keep the following tips in mind when creating an in-law suite that is both appropriate and adjustable to meet your family's needs.

Privacy Please

"Privacy is one of the most important features to consider," said Birko. "A home that provides private spaces for each generation, as well as common gathering spaces is the best way to make the new living arrangements work."

Even though a suite on another level offers extra seclusion, try keeping the in-law suite on the first floor for easy accessibility. Also, if possible, provide your in-laws with a separate kitchenette. That way they'll have a sense of independence, but within the comfort and care of your home. A separate entrance is also another addition that can give your in-law suite more autonomy. Just be sure to check local building codes to see if there are any restrictions before you begin the remodel.

Custom-Built Baths

One of the most difficult rooms for older individuals to maneuver is the bathroom. For some aging parents, they find the toilet seat is too low to accommodate their limited mobility and puts unnecessary stress on the legs, knees and back. An elevated toilet seat increases comfort and safety levels. Home Care® by Moen® offers a Locking Elevated Toilet Seat that subtly complements the décor of any bathroom, and locks securely on round and elongated toilet rims.

Standing for long periods or slipping in the shower are also concerns in the bathroom for older adults. If you don't want to break the bank installing a built-in seat in the shower, try Home Care's new Premium Shower Chair. It has anti-slip rubber feet that provide superior stability, as well as adjustable height settings. The rubber-grip support handles offer added ease and support when standing or sitting, and a basket organizer and handheld shower holder help keep necessary items conveniently close.

To prevent slipping, the new Premium SecureLock Tub Grip lends a stable helping hand for stepping into and out of the tub. The new design features an easy-locking lever to ensure a tight fit to most tubs without harming the tub surface. An ergonomically designed handle features an anti-slip grip to provide optimal support and comfort.

Be sure to keep these tips and products in mind to keep Mom and Dad safe and comfortable.

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