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February, 2009

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream bathroom in mind.

Make Two Company – Not a Crowd

Make Two Company – Not a Crowd

Achieving Bathroom Bliss

According to a research study conducted on behalf of Moen Incorporated by Harris Interactive®, one of the top annoyances in the bathroom is leaving globs of toothpaste in the sink. So, don't sweat these small things, split them!

Separate sink space helps eliminate tensions and makes getting ready with your partner easier. Stylish choices, such as Moen's new Muirfield™ bathroom faucet, available at Lowe's, offer a variety of options from single- and two-handle designs; standard-, mid- or high-arc spouts; and a variety of finishes to meet both of your design preferences. Plus, you and your partner can feel good knowing that the water-saving Muirfield faucets are certified to meet WaterSense® criteria, meaning they meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines as environmentally responsible and efficient products.

In addition to splitting the sink area, be sure to install two of each bathroom accessory, such as the Ridgedale™ bath accessory collection from Inspirations® by Moen®. Separate robe hooks and towel bars ensure you each have your own personal space for your personal belongings.

For men, the number one shower pet peeve is having too many loose items scattered around the shower. For a quick and easy solution, install shower baskets to provide convenient storage for shampoos and soaps and remove clutter from around the tub.

Settling on one showerhead can be a tricky task - your partner may prefer a gentle spray, but you want a shower that's slightly more invigorating. The Inspire™ seven-setting showerhead from Moen has enough settings to please both you and your mate, with sprays ranging from "relaxing" wide spray to "invigorating" concentrated spray. No matter what setting you prefer, the Inspire showerhead's spiral-pattern spray face ensures full-body coverage for a satisfying shower experience.

Space Out

When you move in, so do all your belongings. Help prevent space wars by using separate closets and dressers. This way, you and your partner can organize clothing, shoes and personal items with your own personal style and comfort. If your new home doesn't have two closets, be sure to update the single closet with an organization system. Companies such as California Closets® will customize storage solutions that will help give you both some breathing room.

Couples that share together...

Although dividing the bedroom and bathroom helps smooth the transition of living together, don't forget about the little things to ease common pet peeves. Be conscientious - restock the tissues and toilet paper when low, put the cap back on the toothpaste and make sure to clear counter space after your morning routine. Place dirty clothes in the hamper and make the bed together. Finally, designate an afternoon to clean together, and then celebrate your spotless home with a relaxing and romantic evening of quality time and communication.

With just a few minor adjustments and updates to your bed and bath, you can make the transition of living together easy and move toward your happily ever after.

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