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The Summer of Green

The Summer of Green

Summer is a perfect time to think green – the sun is shining, plants are in bloom and you'll be inspired to consider conservation. Here's a look at how you can reduce your consumption of the earth's resources to preserve them for years to come.

Go Green to Get More Coin

According to The Wall Street Journal, cutting back on consumption isn't the only reason homeowners are undertaking green remodels. Certified green homes are garnering a higher resale value. A recent study of real-estate listings in Seattle found green homes sold not only for a higher price, but sat on the market a quarter-less time. With as much as 20 percent of all new construction expected to be green by 2012, going green is a wise choice for the planet, and for the future value of your home.

Think you need to go all out to make a lasting impact? There are plenty of small steps you can take to increase your home's value over time, not to mention make it healthier and more efficient. Stick to upgrades proven to make a difference when it comes to resale, but do so with a green twist, like freshening-up walls with a new coat of paint. But be sure to use one with low-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) to reduce gaseous pollutants in your home.

In the Name of Green

Have you been longing to upgrade your home electronics, but haven't been able to find a good enough reason? Helping the environment is a great way to convince your family to make additional updates to your home! By switching from your standard tube-based television to an LCD flat panel model, you'll significantly cut down on your energy consumption – in fact, you'll reduce it by more than 30 percent. Trade in your old desktop computer for a laptop, and you'll be able to further reduce your usage with 75 percent energy savings.

Electronics aren't the only thing you can revamp for the sake of helping the planet. Your bathrooms can always use a little greening. One of the easiest ways to save water – without a change in experience – is to install lavatory faucets that cut back on usage. ShowHouse® by Moen®'s new Fina™ bathroom faucets – both widespread and wall-mount models - are WaterSense® certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, meaning they have met the new guidelines for water-efficient products. And while the faucets themselves are remarkably designed – with soft curves and modern styling – it's the story inside that is equally as important. The widespread and wall-mount lavatory faucets incorporate a flow-optimized aerator, allowing the faucet to flow at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), versus traditional aerators which flow at 2.2 gpm. You can up your style and your water savings in the bath with a remarkably green (and beautiful) faucet update.

This summer, when you're contemplating whether or not those green updates will really make a difference, just go for it. You'll not only have a home with a higher resale value, but you'll also provide great energy savings and a healthier environment for the whole family to enjoy. Go ahead, and declare this the summer of green!

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