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It's likely not something that's top of mind each day - and that's ok! As Moen's Water Director, it's my duty to share insights and help you become more knowledgeable about water.

Water is a special compound. We need it to nourish our bodies, grow our food, support the vegetation that produces oxygen in our air and to make many of the products we use on a regular basis. But, as valuable as this resource is, we're still losing on average 17 gallons each day in a typical home due to leaks.*

I recently attended the Next-Gen Smart Plumbing Technologies Conference and the Smart Water Networks Forum, and one common theme at both events was that real-time data is changing the landscape in how we efficiently manage and treat our public water sources. At Moen, we believe that smart technology and data provide us with an opportunity to make better decisions for our families, our homes and the environment.

*According to a 2016 study of residential water use.

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Flo by Moen

Have you heard about the Flo by Moen?

This has to be one of my favorite products of all time - it's so smart. This device ensures no water is wasted through micro leaks anywhere in the home, and helps you understand your water usage patterns so you can identify opportunities for savings.

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About Nina
Nina Kshetry is an environmental engineer who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from MIT. Her expertise is in water and wastewater management, intelligent water systems, and clean energy.

She’s excited to turn her attention to consumer education around water consumption, and problem-solving through product innovation.

She’s an undeniable water warrior as Chair of the Illinois Water Environment Association’s Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) Committee
Nina Kshetry, Moen Water Director