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smarter showers

With our customizable shower technology and personal device integration, you control it all: time, temperature and how your day begins.


Buy it for Rejuvenation

Use the connected app to set the perfect temperature for your reset.

Buy it for the Moment

Save your settings and take the best shower of your life every time.

Buy it for Customization

Install your U by Moen shower with two or four outlets, based on your existing shower layout.

Create Your Oasis

With U by Moen shower, your perfect shower is a few taps away.

Shower Length

Time your shower perfectly to find a little extra room in your morning schedule.

Start and Pause

Start your shower from the app and pause it to avoid wasting water (and time).

Temperature Control

Use the connected app to choose your perfect shower temperature before even stepping in.

Device Notifications

The app tells you when your shower is ready according to your custom-made preferences.

Try it Out

Follow the interactive tutorials and see how easy it is to control your shower using the U by Moen shower controller, or from the U by Moen smartphone app.

Installation and Support

The newest wave in shower technology is here. Get started today.


Installation and setup is easy for both the 2 or 4-outlets systems.


With a connection to the cloud, future updates to your U by Moen shower setup is automatic.


Learn how to use the shower controller, mobile app and other U by Moen shower features.


Do I have to worry about electricity near the shower? The answer is not at all! Learn more on this topic and other frequently asked questions here.

Your Shower is now Connected

When connected over WiFi, U by Moen shower uses the power of the cloud to give you a smart, seamless and powerful showering experience.

Why WiFi?

We wanted everyone to enjoy the power of the connected shower. Remotely start and control your shower from anywhere in your home over your local WiFi network through your smart phone.

Stay up to date.

For the first time, you’re able to add new updates to your shower without a costly renovation. Moen will occasionally push out updates to ensure you have the newest, and most importantly, coolest features we can offer in your shower.

A secure connection, every time.

By connecting through a 128-bit encryption, U by Moen shower makes sure that any information sent to or from your phone is completely safe and secure.

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See how you can personalize your shower, sync your devices and more.