Installation and Support

1225 Cartridge Removal

Tools Needed

Flathead Screwdriver
Flathead Screwdriver
Large Pliers or Channel Locks
Large Pliers or Channel Locks
Catridge Twisting Tool
Catridge Twisting Tool


Before disassembling your faucet, turn your water off at the supplies under the sink. With the supplies off, move the handle to the “on” position and drain the system of water.


Cover drain opening to prevent loss of parts.


Line up parts on the counter top in order of removal.


The following instructions begin once you have disassembled the handle and associated handle mechanism pieces have been removed. Use flat bladed screw driver to remove cartridge clip.


Your faucet may have a silver metal washer on top of the cartridge stem. If so, slide it off.


Place the square top plastic twist tool on top of the cartridge – (supplied in 1225/1200/116719/162154 service kit)


Using a pair of pliers, rotate the twisting tool back and forth approximately a ¼” turn to loosen the cartridge. NOTE: This should only take a few turns continuing to twist back and forth may cause the cartridge to become stuck in the brass valve body.


Grab stem of cartridge and lift upwards. This may require some force as cartridges can sometimes be difficult to pull out.


Clean the inside of the valve body with a soft bristled nylon brush (e.g. old toothbrush), to remove any mineral buildup.


To rinse the interior of the valve first place a bowl or similarly shaped device over the faucet. This will be necessary to redirect the water back into your sink, shower or bath tub.


After placing the bowl over you faucet, slowly turn on your supply lines back on to flush clean water through your open valve body. This will push the debris and residue up and out of the valve body.


Remove water from the inside of the valve using a rolled up paper towel and reinstall the cartridge .


Removal complete.


Click here to watch the HOW TO VIDEO to remove the 1225 Cartridge.

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