New Pint and Dual Flush Valves

New Pint and Dual Flush Valves

Commercial valves that save water are easy to maintain, and keep public restrooms cleaner.

Moen has added two new flush valves to the M•POWER line of sensor-operated products: a Pint Flush valve for urinals and a Dual Flush valve for toilets. These products help facilities maintain a clean restroom environment, with hands-free operation to limit the spread of germs and advanced electronics to ensure a flush every time.

The Pint Flush valve uses 88 percent less water than the standard 1.0 gallon per flush (gpf) urinal, with none of the drawbacks of waterless models. When compared with waterless models, the Pint Flush valve requires less maintenance, without the odor and upkeep associated with waterless urinals.

The Dual Flush valve reduces water use by up to 37 percent compared with a conventional model. It does so by varying the flush according to the user's time in the stall. If the user is in range for less than a minute, the valve initiates a 1.0 gallon flush; after 60 seconds, a full 1.6 gallon flush is activated.

Both valves share features that make them efficient, clean, durable and easy to maintain:

M-POWER Sensor Operated Flush Valves


  • Advanced electronics provide a flush after every use.
  • Hands-free operation limits the spread of germs.
  • 24-hour sentinel: If the toilet hasn't flushed in 24 hours, an automatic flush cleans the bowl and clears the pipes.
  • Self-cleaning filter system eliminates clogs and run-ons.
  • Manual override button requires no power to activate, keeping the system operational at all times.
M-POWER hands free operation limits the spread of germs


  • A range of operating pressures, from 10 to 120 PSI. Important because water pressures vary from building to building.
  • Self-lubricating silicone seals help prevent leaks, clogs and run-ons.


  • Advanced electronics limit false sensing and over-flushing.
M-POWER flush valves are efficient, less maintenance


  • Solid brass, chrome-plated construction will stand up to constant use.
  • Piston technology prevents water hammer, requires little or no maintenance, and outlasts diaphragm valves.
  • Tamper-resistant stop valves (the stop valve cover can't be removed without the proper tool) and a shatterproof polycarbonate lens cover to protect the sensor eye.
M-POWER flush valves are highly durable

Moen's M•POWER flush valves are virtually maintenance-free when compared with diaphragm models and are backed by Moen's five-year limited warranty. Because they save water, they can also help qualify a building for LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Like all M•POWER valves, the Pint Flush and Dual Flush models meet ADA-compliance requirements.

M-Power flush valves qualify for LEED certification