Reflex Faucets: A Better Pulldown Experience by Design

Meet the standard in pulldown faucet performance: Moen's Reflex pulldown system. Driven by input from actual users, we've focused on improving the way the pulldown system functions overall, not just individual features - giving you a host of benefits you can share with your customers.

What your customers might say:

  • "I love the functionality of a pulldown faucet."
  • "I want the best pulldown faucet out there."
  • "I plan to use the pulldown feature on my faucet constantly."
  • "How can I be sure my pulldown faucet will perform the way I want it to?"
pulldown faucet customer feedback

Why your customers will prefer Reflex:

Smooth operation

  • Resistance-free hose extends and retracts seamlessly. In testing, Reflex was at least 40% easier to extend than other pulldown systems.
  • The intuitive-to-use, enhanced system provides fast, uninterrupted hose return.
  • Redesigned weight shape prevents snags on under-cabinet obstructions.

Easy maneuverability

  • Along with an ultra- flexible hose, the spray wand features a wide range of motion for exceptionally easy movement around the sink.

Secure docking

  • The user-friendly self-docking action means Reflex returns to the docked position after use without additional assistance - no matter where it is released.
reflex pulldown faucets, smooth operation, easy maneuverability

The performance of Moen Reflex kitchen faucets are designed to last long after the sale - giving you a system that delivers a positive experience for your customers.