Placing flooring tiles on an angle can make your room appear longer.
Adding under-cabinet lights helps give the illusion of space in small or mid-sized kitchens.
Save money on your energy bill by insulating your hot water lines with preformed foam tubes.
To avoid over budget shock, add a 10 to 15 percent margin for remodeling surprises.
Reduce your painting project by at least two coats by tinting the primer to match your finish coat.
Try and save money by purchasing all new appliances from one place and ask for a bulk discount.
To help save up for your next remodeling project, try creating a separate account for your remodeling funds. It organizes your savings plan and gives you visibility into your progress.
Avoid plumbing catastrophes by locating and clearly marking all shut-off valves in your home.
Stay warmer in the winter by installing heated toilet seats that can heat your bathroom's temperature up by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
Create a lively, stimulated environment in any room by painting with strong contrasting colors.