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Create a calm environment in any room with neutral colors.

Add 7 1/2 inches to your shower by installing a curved shower rod.

To avoid over budget shock, add a 10 to 15 percent margin for remodeling surprises.

Get more relaxed in your bath by upgrading to a spa tub equipped with an air system to disperse bath additives.

Adding under-cabinet lights helps give the illusion of space in small or mid-sized kitchens.

Save $26 to $86 in energy costs per incandescent bulb you replace for fluorescent.

Create a lively, stimulated environment in any room by painting with strong contrasting colors.

Make your guests feel at home by leaving closets and dressers empty for them to unpack.

Placing flooring tiles on an angle can make your room appear longer.

Make your guests feel at home by keeping lots of fresh towels available conveniently in the bathroom.

Install a glass shelf to your bathroom to put your design style on display.

Stay warmer in the winter by installing heated toilet seats that can heat your bathroom's temperature up by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.