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Performance You Can Trust, Above the Sink and Below: Moen’s Complete Line of Garbage Disposals

North Olmsted, Ohio… Look no further than below the kitchen sink for one of the toughest tools in our homes: the garbage disposal.  More than 60 million homeowners* rely on this appliance to assist with daily kitchen clean-up and expect it to operate effortlessly and powerfully on demand.  Moen – the #1 faucet brand in North America – continues to add on to its line of garbage disposals, delivering trusted performance above the sink and below.

“Both consumers and professionals alike have trusted Moen's quality products for more than 75 years,” said Timothy McDonough, vice president, global brand marketing, Moen.  

“Extending the Moen® brand to include a complete line of garbage disposals was a natural addition to our kitchen portfolio – from faucets, sinks and filtration to accessories and now disposals – we’re excited to offer the same unmatched functionality and durability by creating the ultimate kitchen sink experience.”

Moen disposals feature VORTEX™ permanent magnet motor technology, which quickly and powerfully grinds food scraps, allowing users to spend more time at the dinner table and less time at the sink.  The VORTEX permanent magnet motor also provides fast revolutions per minute (RPM) which can help to reduce jamming.  Plus, more food down the disposal means less in the landfill.

Models within the Moen garbage disposal portfolio, designed to meet the needs of any kitchen, include:

  • NEW! GXB75c, 3/4HP, 2700RPM, batch feed – activated by a drain stopper, batch feed models are ideal for kitchen islands, anywhere an existing wall switch is unavailable or counter switch is not feasible.
  • Continuous feed models – 
    • GXP33C, 1/3HP, 1900RPM
    • GXP50C, 1/2HP, 2600RPM
    • GX50C, 1/2HP, 2600RPM
    • GXS75C, 3/4HP, 2700RPM
    • GX75C, 3/4HP, 2700RPM
    • GX100C, 1HP, 2800RPM
    • GXL1000C, 1HP, 2800RPM

Installation of Moen garbage disposals is also simple and intuitive. The Universal Xpress Mount™ fits all Moen and most existing three-bolt garbage disposal mounting assemblies**.

“At Moen, we’ve thoughtfully designed our disposal products for performance and ease of installation,” added McDonough. “The twist-and-lock mounting within our disposal and a pre-installed power cord means fewer steps, simplifying installation. Additionally, Moen units are significantly lighter than most disposals in the market – as much as 30 percent or more than comparable models.  When you’re under the sink, this can make a big difference in the ease of installation.”

A power cord is included with each Moen disposal, eliminating the need to purchase separately or hard wire a power supply under the sink.  Moen’s SoundSHIELD™ insulation on the GX Series units, and the new GXB75c batch feed unit, is designed to help deaden disposal sound levels while you grind food waste. Moen provides the same level of customer service to consumers purchasing its garbage disposals as it does the rest of its products; this means additional peace-of-mind for both the installer and consumer. Trained Moen representatives are available to answer questions or troubleshoot any problems that may arise.  Additionally, all Moen disposals are backed by Moen’s best-in-class Limited Warranty and professional in-home service.  This means both the replacement disposal and related installation services are typically covered at no charge to the consumer.  See terms for full details***.


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