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Must-Have Updates for Your First House

Congratulations, you’ve purchased your first home! So … now what? You’ve saved a million ideas on Pinterest, and you’re ready to get started making improvements. But where do you start with your projects, and how do you prioritize them to make the most of your money? Consider beginning with these simple home upgrades to transform your new house into your dream home.

1. Find a Fantastic Faucet

Cost: $150.00 - $500.00

Benefits: Boosts home appeal, improves kitchen functionality

One in five millennials say they want to update their kitchen,* and a simple faucet upgrade is an impactful way to start. Replacing a basic kitchen faucet with a one-handle pulldown, such as Moen’s Sleek™ faucet, creates a clean, modern look while also adding functionality that makes cleanup a breeze, thanks to the easy-to-maneuver pulldown spray wand. Equipped with Power Clean™ technology, it also provides more spray power while containing splash, which means faster cleanup for tough-to-rinse foods.

2. Update Lighting 

Cost: $10.00 (box of light bulbs) - $300.00 (new fixture)

Benefits: Brightens the room, enhances ambience, increases energy efficiency

Let there be light! There are several painless ways to make a room feel lighter and brighter. Start with something easy, like swapping out light bulbs to brighter or more efficient choices; for a mid-level task, consider adding new lamp shades for an added dose of style; or go big by replacing outdated fixtures with on-trend options that suit your personal taste.

3. Install a Kitchen Backsplash

Cost: $125.00 - $250.00 (varies based on materials and if paying a pro)

Benefits: Creates a focal point, protects walls from cooking splatter, prevents water damage

If your new kitchen has the blahs, a fresh backsplash may be the solution. In addition to its protective and easy-to-clean qualities, a kitchen backsplash provides many possibilities for customization, from material to color and cost – allowing homeowners to express their personal style (and stay within their budget). Choose from a wide array of options such as glass mosaics, salvaged wood or brick, or even peel-and-stick tile for a super easy installation (hello afternoon project)!

4. Replace Your Showerhead

Cost: $75.00 - $150.00

Benefits: Offers endless personalization, adds style to your space, enhances your daily routine

New to DIY? Replacing a showerhead is a stress-free way to get your feet wet (pun intended)! Whether you want to save water with a low-flow fixture or just think the old one is out of style, swapping showerheads can be done in a few minutes. For the ultimate in customization, try a multi-function showerhead like Moen’s Attract™ combination handshower and rainshower with Magnetix™, which provides three showering options with a single fixture for your perfectly personalized shower every time. Plus, the magnetic dock on the handshower makes re-docking the showerhead a snap.

5. Add a Layer of Paint 

Cost: $25.00 - $60.00

Benefits: Provides an instant makeover

Maybe your space is screaming for a makeover (mustard walls, anyone?), or you’re just itching to try out a new trend … either way, a coat of paint can make for an update with impact. Before painting the whole room, consider creating an accent wall with a pop of color or fun pattern – it’s a smaller project that’s easy for first timers to tackle.

6. Utilize Unused Space with Shelves 

Cost: $10.00 - $45.00

Benefits: Maximizes space, revamps walls

One in three millennials lack the confidence to hang a shelf*, but they shouldn’t! With a bit of practice, and the right tools, installing shelving is an easy, inexpensive project to help homeowners better utilize their space – and add an eye-catching design element to the room. There are plenty of creative ways to add storage, such as installing floating shelves for books or adding floor-to-ceiling shelving in a closet.

7. Incorporate Coordinating Accessories

Cost: $20.00 - $40.00

Benefits: Creates a cohesive look, easy to install

Create a cohesive look in the kitchen and bath with coordinating accessories. Choose hardware that matches in color and style with the existing fixtures, sink and flooring to achieve a sophisticated feel from top to bottom. Select accessories that are easy to install, like towel bars and rings with Moen’s innovative Press & Mark™ technology, which ensures fast and accurate installation. Accessories with Press & Mark have a washable ink stamp to show you exactly where to drill (perfect for novice DIYers).

Homebuyers (especially first timers) can often be overwhelmed by improvements, but tackling one project at a time will leave you saying “there’s no place like home.”

*Moen SWNS Research


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