2018 New Products Supplement

The supplement features Moen’s thoughtfully crafted new Brushed Gold finish available to order on popular suites in both the kitchen and bathroom.  In addition to Brushed Gold being beautifully showcased across Moen’s collections of kitchen and bath faucets, the brand is offering accessories that match perfectly with each of the suites, allowing homeowners to extend the look throughout their space.  

Along with the new Brushed Gold finish products, the supplement will feature Moen’s newest Doux™ bath collection with matching accessories and several new showerheads styles.



Color cover with black and white content, 8.5" x 11", 116 pages. Includes specification and pricing information for new products that became open to order after Moen Wholesale Residential and Commercial Price Catalog (MF36) printed/shipped.




2018 New Products Supplement Brochure