Three Small Kitchen Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen

One option to consider is a lighter monochromatic color scheme that can make the kitchen feel larger.

It's a universal truth: no matter where the party starts, it always seems to end in the kitchen. And if you have a galley kitchen, that can be a challenge.

With their parallel counters and lots of built-in storage space, galley kitchens are an efficient way to get the most of out of a small space. But if they're not designed smartly, they can feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Below are three small kitchen ideas to help you get the most out of your galley kitchen and keep the party going.

U Design Galley Kitchen1. Use the U

While some galley kitchen designs are simply two parallel counters that offer an aisle to pass through from one room to the next, many galley kitchens have a U shape. In these designs, placing the stove as the focal point of the kitchen is a smart way to define the primary working space.

Two people can work back-to-back, prepping food then rotating to the stove for cooking. Or one person can take both sides of the stove as their prep space and pretend they're a celebrity chef. In these designs, the kitchen sink, as well as the dishwasher, refrigerator and other appliances, are placed further down the counter.

2. Efficiency is King

Efficient Galley KitchenSince the whole point of the galley kitchen is to maximize efficiency, it makes sense to carry this theme over into cabinet and appliance design. One idea is to use a pull-out pantry, which provide easy access to food, spices and other kitchen needs with a minimal footprint. Another option is to build a microwave into upper cabinetry, freeing up space on the countertop for prep work.

Undermount Sink Galley KitchenThere may not be enough space for a luxurious double sink in a galley kitchen, so consider an extra deep undermount kitchen sink as an alternative. A sink deep enough to fill large pots and handle a lot of dirty dishes means more room on the counter when you need it. Sinks don't have to be boring either, with Moen's Motionsense and other innovative faucets, you can combine utility with sleek design.



3. Open Things Up

One way to get more breathing room in a galley kitchen is to open it up, and that doesn't necessarily mean knocking down walls. A passthrough window is a simpler option that can provide great function and style. Another option is to consider a lighter monochromatic color scheme that can make the kitchen feel larger.

Finally, if you can't open up the layout, try opening up the cabinetry. Open shelving is a unique way to make the kitchen feel larger, while also providing the opportunity to highlight your personal style. If you don't like the idea of having all your things on display, you could also use glass or a semi-transparent cabinet doors.

While galley kitchens are smaller, they don't have to be limiting. With these and other smart design tricks, you can enjoy a galley kitchen that provides enough space for all your cooking and entertaining needs.