How to Create a Monochrome Look for your Kitchen or Bathroom

Photo courtesy of the Hamilton House

Photo courtesy of the Hamilton House

Clean. Simple. Bold. If that's the desired look for your bathroom or kitchen, monochrome is the way to go. Crisp whites, deep blacks and neutral grays easily transform the busiest rooms into fresh, minimalist spaces. Whether personalizing a first home, or tackling a remodeling project, these updates instantly create a monochrome look.

1. Freshen the walls. Old wallpaper, stenciled artwork and adhesive borders should go. Use stain-covering paint to hide outdated hues. Then, add a few coats of neutral paint. Trending this season are pale grays to warm up small bathrooms and black chalkboard paint to create a customizable wall in the kitchen. With this feature, show off dinner party menus to friends or let the kids scribble during meal prep.

2. Install new fixtures. Getting rid of water-stained faucets and bent towel bars makes sense. To move toward a monochrome style, update the kitchen and bath with modern black finish fixtures, such as the Sto Matte Black Faucet or lighter neutral-color fixtures, including the Align Pre-Rinse Spring Faucet. The latter reduces fingerprints and water spots to keep the home looking tidy at all times.

3. Update room accessories. Instantly shift the color scheme of a room by replacing window treatments, towels and decorative items. Revitalize the area with accessories in varying shades of white, black or grey. A cluster of white porcelain mixing bowls, black onyx animal figurines or black and white framed photographs amps up the simple monochromatic vibe.

4. Add more lighting. No bathroom windows? Small galley kitchen? Adding additional lighting like wall-mounted sconces or recessed ceiling lights instantly opens up the room and making it appear bigger and cleaner. Use white-tone CFL bulbs and fixtures featuring white frosted globes to create the monochromatic glow desired.

5. Look to the floors. Replacing kitchen and bathroom flooring freshens the space and adds a huge canvas of neutrality to the room. Explore white tile with color-tinted grout or linoleum in a funky black and white pattern to complete a monochrome style. Tight budget? Splurge on new area rugs instead of flooring to update the space.

Working with a combination of neutral whites, blacks and grays is the foundation for a classic, fresh look. Set aside a weekend and tackle one of these DIY projects to make a dream monochrome bathroom or kitchen a reality.