6 Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen Design Before Selling Your Home

Bright Modern Kitchen

Adding light and a new backsplash are just two ways to increase your kitchen's value.

It's time for an upgrade. Your starter home or condo is getting a little small, thanks to the discovery of new hobbies, a growing work-from-home career or additions to the family. Before you list your home for sale, add value to your kitchen design with a few weekend DIY updates and popular remodeling projects.

We reached out to a few real estate pros to see what potential buyers really want in their future kitchens. It's not surprising that modern features and luxurious updates top the list. Consider adding a few of these projects to your home-selling checklist.

1. Install intriguing gadgets. Long and Foster Realtor® Denise Supplee finds that millennial buyers ohh and ahh over automatic turn-on water faucets (such as the Arbor Chrome Kitchen Faucet featuring the popular hands-free MotionSense technology) and fixtures with built-in lights that create a warm ambiance when grabbing a late-night snack.

2. Freshen the countertops. Give the kitchen an instant color change by resurfacing or replacing the countertops. If it's in the budget, upgrading to natural granite or modern dyed concrete counters might just spark a bidding war for your updated property.

3. Create modern cabinets. Peeling, dirty, squeaky cabinets are huge turn-offs to buyers. Supplee says her clients ask more about repairs than upgrades, so consider removing cabinet doors, sanding and painting the current storage space to give it an open-concept kitchen design that young homeowners crave.

4. Brighten the kitchen. It's not uncommon for potential buyers to say the kitchen is too dark. Emile L'Eplattenier, real estate marketing and sales analyst at Fit Small Business notes, "Adding or enlarging a kitchen window to bring in natural light will get you the best ROI for your kitchen renovation." A fresh coat of a light-hue paint and bright light fixtures can also illuminate the space.

5. Replace the backsplash. Examine the area behind your countertops, especially near the stove. If your backsplash reflects your love of making homemade pasta sauce, swap out the tile with a fresh, classic look. Simple 3" x 6" subway tile in white or neutral tones gets requested often when updating a kitchen design.

6. Add a wow feature. Enhance lower cabinets with pull-out shelves, a built-in wine rack, a lazy Susan or in-cabinet lighting to make extra deep storage spaces easier to navigate. Personalized touches are memorable and help buyers keep your property top-of-mind when choosing their new home.

Be an empowered home seller. Carve time out of your busy schedule to add value to your kitchen design. Not only will your home sell faster, you're more likely to get top dollar in your market.