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Flo by Moen Customer Reviews

Wappingers Falls, NY

Don’t Procrastinate – Get One Installed

I invested in this great product over a year ago and have no regrets; in fact, love it. The App is so well designed that even those who are not technical can use it. I have been telling all of my contacts to get it installed because in my expert opinion there is no better product out there at any price. Most people have ignored my suggestion because they think that "it won't happen to me" but someday they will agree and that would be too late. Yesterday I learned that one of our friends had 3 feet, yes, you read it right, of water in basement due to water leak while they were at sleep. Now everyone wants to know about this product so I am happy to share. With this product you don't put leak detectors anywhere. These are battery operated and you possibly can not cover every square foot where leak my occur. This smart device knows when something may be wrong and steps are taken immediately to stop any damage. It certainly is a 5 star product.

Burnsville, NC

Money Saver

I received an alert, at 11:30 PM indicating that my water had been running for over 60 minutes. Because I didn't respond my water was automatically shut off. The next morning I turned the water back on and saw the water was still running at over 1 gallon per minute. I contacted my renter and found a toilet was continuously running following a flush. A large water bill was diverted. I also received an alert indicating high water pressure. Reading was 152 PSI. Pressure should never exceed 75 PSI. I contacted a plumber and found that I had no pressure control valve. PCV was installed and avoided potential water line break.
Flo by Moen's Response 08/23/2018:
Thanks for sharing your story, Joe! Happy to hear that Flo helped prevent that large water bill. Also really glad you took care of that pressure issue. High water pressure does nothing but damage to a homes plumbing system!

Pueblo, CO

Must have for your home and especially a vacation home

Received a call we all dread from the caretaker to our vacation home in the mountains. "I just walked into your home and stepped into water", she said. We had a pressure surge when the water supply was turned back on for our development by the city and it caused a faucet connection to fail. Since we do not live there full time, it was not caught and fan for a few days. This all could have been prevented or minimized if we would have had Flo installed. I now have peace of mind knowing I have a line of defense in place to prevent the nightmare from reoccurring. When I installed the device in my vacation home I called the wonderful tech support and they helped me with an issue I was having with the app on my phone, I had skipped a step in the easy set up instructions they provide and he fixed the issue. Vince let me know that I had something running, I didn't think I did. He said I should walk through my home and check. I did not find anything inside and decided to look outside and found a drip coming out of a hose pipe. Worked so well, I had one installed on our home. The system runs a daily health test and it detected a slight leak, one not showing any flow but triggered by a pressure drop in the line during the test. Flo has you run through an isolation protocol and sure enough when I shut off the supply to one of my toilets, the pressure held. I could not hear the drip and had to wait a while to see a drip, but it was there. I am off to the hardware store to pick up a new water float shutoff valve for that toilet. Great product.
Flo by Moen's Response 08/17/2018:
Brent, thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience. We’re so sorry to hear about the leak in your vacation home, but are glad that Flo can now help you prevent issues like this in the future! It’s great to hear that we were able to help you find and fix that small leak as well.

Kingsport, TN

Flo is simply indispensable!

Flo is simply indispensable! Whether you have a “smart home” or not, you should have Flo as a sentinel. Water damage is horrible, whether a sudden discharge or an insidious leak. Flo monitors for both. Daily health checks monitor for leaks (Flo alerted me to a leak that left unnoticed would have caused hundreds of dollars damage). If a sudden, unexpected water flow occurs, you will get a notice, and the water to your home will be shut off temporarily. Flo is easy to install if you are handy, and inexpensive to install if you use a plumber. Tech support is tremendous, and the peace of mind Flo gives you is invaluable. Just get one, and start sleeping better!


Small Drip

Every morning I get a false alert about a small drip. Tech support has looked into and altered the algorithm yet it continues and they no longer respond. I have also had WiFi connectivity reliability issues on a solid professional grade network. Disappointed given the spend.
Flo by Moen's Response 08/05/2018:
Hi G, We’d love to help you get to the bottom of that small drip and determine what is causing it. If you’ve already isolated your main fixtures (sinks, toilets, appliances) and passed the health test with those sealed off, then its likely that the drip is behind a wall somewhere. We recommend troubleshooting with our team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@meetflo.com or call our team during working hours at 844-633-8356.

Corona, CA

No one as nice as FLO!

So we moved into our new home less than two years ago. We have had two slab leaks, washer machine hose popped out of the wall and flooded my office and the ceiling in our kitchen was saturated from water from our bath tub. Ya, we definitely needed something like this. Flo definitely would have prevented damage in our home. We are so glad this product was introduced and we are now pretty addicted to the app. Totally worth the price!!! Good job guys!


Flo is Exactly What I was Looking For

Order Flo a few days ago after four slab leaks in different homes around the neighborhood in one week. I figured I'd rather know ahead of time if I've got a slow leak then waiting for my newly decorated home to suffer a ton of damage. Installed it in two hours, and so far - very impressed. The user experience was flawless throughout unboxing, setup and installation. And within three days, by monitoring Flo, I found a a big issue with my home plumbing. I noticed a spike in pressure from about 46PSI to over 110PSI 3 or 4 times a day. Traced the issue to a lack of a hot water expansion tank which is now required by code in CA. Never would have known we had an issue without seeing the pressure move so rapidly via the Flo dashboard. It's very obvious a ton of care and thought has gone into the design and execution of this product, and already I've got neighbors and friends asking about getting one for their homes.

Montgomery, TX

Flo saved our home - literally

To say that Flo is an indispensable part of our home would be an understatement -- without it, our lakehouse would've had more water inside than outside! My husband and I received a Flo alert notifying us that there was a leak somewhere in our home, and that the water would be shut off to prevent any further damage. Having previously received a couple false alarms, I hopped on the phone with a Flo customer representative, Vincent, who was supremely patient and helpful in checking out the situation from afar. He informed me that there was indeed a leak in the house, and that he would recommend shutting off the water to ensure that the situation did not worsen. He did say, however, that he would turn the water back on shortly before I made my way to the house so that I could diagnose the problem and see exactly where the leak was. I gave him another call before my hour-long drive to the house, and about five minutes before I walked in the door, the water was turned back on. As soon as I walked in the house, I could hear water shooting out of a leak in the bar sink. In just a few minutes, the water had already pooled on the floor, and without Flo, the entirety of our home would have been covered in water. I called Flo again to have the water turned off, and they were supremely helpful in walking me through the best next steps. I absolutely cannot recommend this product or its customer service enough!
Flo by Moen's Response 07/24/2018:
Hi Lan, We are glad to hear that we prevented a potentially catastrophic leak in your lakehouse. Our customer support is always here to help! Thank you for sharing your experience.


Great piece of mind!

In addition to around-the-clock monitoring for piece of mind, our Flo device helped identify several leaks that had gone undetected. Even after replacing a toilet fill valve with a new one, Flo identified the new valve as faulty; a second replacement was a success -- no leaks in our system. Flo also identified our new water softener as using excessive water. The first night the new water softener began its re-charge cycle, Flo recognized the unusual water demand (as though we had a major leak), and automatically turned off our water. When I shared our detailed water use information from our Flo on-line account with the installer of the water softener, the installer realized he had incorrectly adjusted the new water softener. Without Flo, we never would have recognized that the water softener was using four times as much water as required! Flo has also helped us monitor our weekly water usage. Since installing Flo, we have reduced our water consumption by 60%. Highly recommended to conserve water and protect your home
Kent, CT

Flo prevented our pool from draining our well

Flo saved me when the pool guy was filling the pool with our hose and his timer broke. Would have run all night and emptied our well since I wasn’t up at the house. But Flo notified me and I called pool guy who figured out the problem.

I thought it was going to be just about savings but it's actually addictive. I find myself opening up the app all the time to check my water usage.

Cape Cod, MA
Earlier today, as I was leaving my vacation home, I received an ‘Extended Water Use’ alert from Flo. I first thought it was part of the irrigation system I had recently turned on, it wasn’t running. I then found the flapper chain on a toilet ballcock had gotten tangled and was stuck open. Without the Flo alert, it would have run for a week or more, until I went back to the house, running up a healthy water bill.

Los Angeles, CA
This thing is absolutely awesome. Within the first two days of installing the Flo Device, I opened the app and saw that we had a crazy amount of water usage that day and that 3 GPM was flowing. I ended up figuring out that my duplex-mate (we share a water main) had flushed the toilet and the handle was stuck open. It had been flowing for nearly 24 hours at 3 GPM (4300 gallons!) He was out of town and we could have easily racked up $200-300 in water charges before we noticed.

Los Angeles, CA
Flo is amazing. I got a critical alert. My wife was home and further investigated. A toilet flush had malfunctioned and the toilet was running. It was a quick fix and we avoided what would have been a really high water bill for the month. Thanks to you and all of your team!

San Francisco, CA

Flo solved a mystery and saved me lots of $$$ in the future

I live in a nearly 100-year-old home in San Francisco with wonky plumbing and plenty of surprises. About a year ago, I came home from work and was in the door less than 5 minutes when I heard a loud bang. Concerned, I ran to my downstairs garage to find water spraying everywhere. My water heater in-take line had snapped off and water sprayed out. I quickly turned off my main water supply and started to clean things up. I could not believe the connection could snap like that. One of my engineering friends was shocked and said: "that is not supposed to happen". At the same time, I kept thinking what if I hadn't come home...my house would have been flooded. I knew I needed to find a way to guarantee this would not happen again...thankfully I learned about FLO. I installed FLO myself, pretty easy actually...excited for some peace of mind with the auto-shut off feature. The device started to learn about my water and quickly detected a high-pressure level. At first, I didn't believe it, it said my water pressure was over 120+ PSI...which sounded crazy. After checking my pressure with another gauge, I realized FLO was spot on and had solved my water heater mystery. The high pressure caused wear on the lines and it finally snapped. I actually live on a hill in San Francisco and the extra pressure is supposed to pump water up the hill, but the city never tells you that. That high of pressure can lead to all sorts of leaks, breaks, and expensive water damage. FLO recommended me a pressure regulator and after a 10 minute install my old house was safe...pressure at a normal 50-70 psi range and an auto-shutoff system monitoring just in case. All thanks to FLO. I highly recommend FLO to all home owners, particularly ones with old homes. You will save money, quickly find leaks and have peace of mind that when you're away, your home will stay dry.
Flo by Moen's Response 05/24/2018:
Thanks for sharing your story, David!  Happy to hear that Flo helped prevent damage to your home. Also really glad you took care of that pressure issue. High water pressure does nothing but damage to a homes plumbing system!

Lewes, DE

Peace of mind and great insight

We are often gone for long periods of time and FLO has given us the peace of mind when we are away. Knowing I can access our stats anywhere and shut off water if we see something is amiss is excellent. Better yet, knowing we can either shut off our water easily (without having to go into our crawl space) or do so if FLO detects a leak is excellent given the insurance industry's stand on water leaks in houses that are empty. The plus is the stats we get on water usage - can't beat that.

Los Angeles, CA

Note to self: Listen to Flo next time!

My morning started on May 9, 2018 like all other days, drinking coffee and checking emails when my cell phone rang at 5:59 am. I was quite surprised because I never get calls that early in the morning. It was the automated system from Flo alerting me that I had a major leak in my house. As I know my sprinklers come on at 5:30, I ignored the call and pressed 2 to tell the system not to shut off the water to my house. The automated system said that it would check again in 2 hours. I then left for the gym. As soon as I stepped out of the gym at 8:10, my phone rang again, the Flo system alerting me once again that I had a leak. Knowing that this is the time my daughter gets ready for work, I again pressed 2 to tell the system not to shut off the water and figured I would check everything out when I get home. Two minutes later my phone rang again, this time it was Vince, the technical support from Flo informing me that my water usage was way above normal, and he had already shut off the water to my house fearing a major leak. I asked him to please turn the water back on and I would check everything when I get home in a few minutes. Just minutes away from home, my daughter called telling me that one of the downstairs bathroom and the adjoining office was completely flooded. I rushed home finding both the bathroom and the office had about 2 inches of standing water. The problem was the galvanized pipe supplying the toilet in the bathroom. The pipe had disintegrated at the base of the valve. Note to self: Listen to Flo next time. A lot of damage and headache could have been prevented if I had allowed the system to shut off the water on the very first alert.

Natick, MA

Be conscious to the environment

Changed my way of looking at our water supply in the world. Real time water usage, not just emergency actions, is what Flo does best!!

Foothill Ranch, CA

Works great!

Purchased Flo because of known poor plumbing in our neighborhood. We wanted an early alert of small leaks to prevent large scale damage. Flo has worked great and alerted us a couple of times when we left water running. Installation was smooth and the unit has been trouble-free so far. Customer service has been prompt.

Plano, TX

Peace of mind and awareness

Many years ago our home flooded due to a water pipe break causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. I decided to install Flo and have been extremely pleased with the results. My wife and i travel every week and we are no longer concerned about coming home to a flooded house. Although I have the option of placing Flo in "away" mode, I have elected to cut off the water when out of town just to be extra safe. The Flo app makes this choice extremely easy to implement. I have also learned our water habits along with water usage from different appliances, which has been an eye opener. I would highly recommend the Flo device for both prevention of water damage and awareness of water usage.

Yorba Linda, CA

Best new product in YEARS!

I love my FLO! I can tell if my plumbing system is sound even from another state, and turn off the water if a leak is occurring. I can monitor my water usage, and tell the exact flow rate of my shower heads and faucets. It is an innovative idea, something everyone should consider for the protection of their home.

Clinton, WA

For the peace of mind

One of the best investments.

Santa Monica, CA

Everyone needs one now!

Before my Flo was installed I had very little visibility into my water usage and was wasting tons of money every month. Now, I have an easy-to-use app that tells me how much water I’m using, tips on how to conserve, and has a remote shut off in case I need to turn off the water in my house. A drip every couple minutes from my faucet was even picked up by my Flo device! Love it

Greenwood Village, CO

Where is my water use?

Once I installed FLO I was able to detect fluctuations in my water pressure (60-100 psi), temperature and flow rates. The Control Panel becomes quite addictive! It also helped with fine tuning the Pressure Reduction Valve that was installed.

Chesterfield, MO

Prevents big problems

I had a pipe burst in my basement during cold weather in early January. The insurance paid some of the repairs. Now FLO will prevent that type of damage in the future!

Salmon, ID

Great for vacation homes

The monitoring device is a beautiful way to keep tabs on your investment. There is a great sense of security knowing that water leaks are sent as an alert and can be controlled remotely.

Studio City, CA

Flo device best for household use, not irregation

The Flo device is best for household use, less so for irrigation which in my household is the biggest water user. Since irrigation use fluctuates wildly due to the weather it is a challenge to program the water use so that Flo can accurately monitor the use and alert me and shut off the water in case of a leak. Also if one has extraordinary use even with a household use, such as draining a pool, one must remember to put their Flo device to sleep during that time because if they don't respond to the leak warnings the water will be shut off. These extraordinary water use events cause the user to have to think more about when they are using water and what this means for the Flo device. Bottom line - having a Flo device sometimes involves water incidents that are not real leaks thus causing the user to have to contact Flo.
Flo by Moen's Response 05/05/2018:

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Pam. We’re continuing to improve our technology on a daily basis and are constantly updating Flo to be more reliable. If you need further assistance regarding this please email support@meetflo.com or call 844-633-8356.

Beverly Hills, CA

Peace of Mind

Love any product that is automated, informative and reduces risk. That’s My FLO!

Malvern, PA

Peace of mind for a few dollars? Deal!

After having had a water heater leak that cost over $10,000 in repairs, I saw an advertisement for FLO and bought one. It's been installed for a couple of months, and not only do I know that I am protected from another flood, but I have learned important information about how I use and may conserve water. It's a highly recommended IoT device. Being able to monitor and shut off water to my entire home is much better than worrying when I am away from home.

Sonoma County, CA

Saved my Wallet and Septic!

Last year, we installed FLO at a second home in northern Sonoma County. The house is only intermittently occupied, on septic, and on relatively expensive water. FLO has been sensational at both identifying water consumptive fixtures, and resolving problems. Installation was easy and economical - it installs like a union, and since it was initialized, has been operating flawlessly. We had one older toilet which was not only using >3.5 gallons per flush, but occasionally would not seat properly and keep running. On at least three occasions, FLO detected the excess consumption and automatically shut down the house water while we were not on site. Not only did we save on water, but prevented overburdening a septic system with limits. Speaking of septic, less is more, so we are confident that going from hundreds of gallons per day to under one hundred gallons will make a significant difference in lowering maintenance costs and extending longevity of the septic. This was easily done with the information from FLO. The nice thing about the system is that not only does it give you information, but it gives you the opportunity to intervene, either manually or automatically, when excess or atypical use is detected. It includes a system health check which cleverly makes use of the built in pressure sensor to detect even small leaks, and does this automatically, daily. Definitely a great addition to the internet of things. Cannot recommend too highly!

Westerville, OH

Good, but not yet fine tuned to great

The Flo device was easy to install and the wireless connection works well. The online user help is not good. For my house the furnace humidifier caused small leak alarms. Also would like a user adjustable setting of say 40 gallons in 5 min that would shut of the water. I have a kitchen sink that does not have an overflow. I need something to prevent a sink from overflow in my kitchen.
Flo by Moen's Response 05/05/2018:

Doug – We really appreciate this feedback and we’re constantly working on improving Flo’s accuracy and features. As for your sink, technically if the sink has been running for a abnormal period of time, Flo will alert you so you can protect the home. If we can answer any questions about this or provide further assistance, please email support@meetflo.com or call 844-633-8356.


Flo kept telling me i had a small leak.

Flo kept telling me I had a small leak. I ignored it until I noticed the ceiling of my bathroom was soaked. Pinhole leak in 3/4 copper pipe. Been leaking for weeks and I kept ignoring it. Next time I listen to Flo! Now passing all the tests.


1512466 Gallons of water saved

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