Tips to Avoid Design Disasters

Tips to Avoid Design Disasters

The key to proper design is to universally communicate a message, so communicate the finish and style universally.

Design Do's and Don'ts

So maybe you still don't know exactly what you should do to design the bath of your dreams, but Moen offers you a few tips on some definite do's and don'ts for your upcoming project.

Lighting - always look at the lighting

Many bathrooms have fluorescent lighting—which only belongs in the garage. Baths are the worst places for fluorescent light, because it gives everything a blue tint, making people look unattractive, so change out that fluorescent fixture. If you have the ability, try adding halogen lighting to your space, since it gives the closest approximation to daylight and makes everything sharper, clearer and cleaner in your bath.

Hardware - coordinate bathroom hardware

Don't mix and match your hardware and/or finishes! If you have the ability, get your hardware to coordinate, since having silver, white and gold or black makes your bathroom look disjointed. The key to proper design is to universally communicate a message, so hardware and fixtures are key. Shelves, faucets and accessories should match, so be cautious that you're communicating the style and finish universally.

Storage - create adequate storage to avoid clutter

Don't leave too much out on the counter. Since insufficient storage is a problem for many bathrooms, people tend to clutter countertops and toilets, making the space seem cramped and uncomfortable. Look for other storage solutions, such as countertop organizational systems, or find ways to organize your cabinets to accommodate more items that you could put away rather than leaving them out. The rule is, have out only what you need and figure out a way to organize and put away the rest that you're not using consistently.

Metal Finish - coordinate finish for a polished look

One of the easiest ways to create a professionally designed look in your bathroom is to coordinate the metal finishes. Start by updating the faucet with a new, sleek style in a hot new finish, such as polished nickel, bronze, brushed nickel or chrome. Coordinating the finish throughout a room is a great way to pull it together. Be sure not to stop with the faucet—change your drawer pulls, knobs, towel bars, faucets, showerheads, accessories and even your framed artwork. Not everything needs to be exactly the same finish, but be sure the tonal colors are relatively the same hue.

Accessories - less is more

Don't over do it in your bathroom. In bathrooms with high ceilings, tops of showers tend to be a trap for clutter with ivy or other fake plants. Instead choose one beautiful plant that adds the vibrancy of a plant or adds a color, such as an orchid. It will bloom quickly and loves the moisture that baths provide.

Choose accessories that are beautiful and functional to pull together your design. Adding complementary or contrasting color towels, bathmats and shower curtains can brighten up your bathroom and create a finished and cohesive look. In addition, accessories such as toothbrush and cup holders, towel bars and soap dishes available in coordinating finishes to match your faucets can add not only style, but additional storage solutions to avoid clutter. Just remember, depending on the size of your bathroom space, you may need to limit your choices. Be sure to choose your favorites that communicate your message effectively while maintaining a clean look and feel.