Update Your Bathroom in One Weekend: A Guide to Bathroom Accessories & Fixtures

Featuring the Hensley Collection

It's easier than ever to refresh your bath over the weekend.

Ready to refresh your bathroom? Your old fixtures and décor are ready, too. From towel bars to toilet paper holders, it's easier than ever to use bathroom accessories to refresh your bath in a single weekend. And there's a good chance your weekend bath refresh will also pay you back someday. Did you know that according to This Old House, easy bath upgrades like updated fixtures and accessories are one of the best ways to increase your home's value? Let's get you on the road to to that updated bathroom—and in the shortest time possible.

Refresh your bath fixtures

It's amazing what a new sink faucet can do for the entire look and feel of your bathroom. But have you been holding off because you think your skill set isn't up to the task? Well, it's time to rethink your skill set.

First, determine the kind of faucet you need. Need help? We have a handy guide here to help you choose the perfect bathroom faucet for your bath refresh.

Next, you can get to the business of refreshing your bathroom. Installing a new bathroom fixture is easier than you might think and you don't need to hire someone to do it for you. The entire process only involves a few tools (like an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver) and installation instructions are illustrated to guide you every step of the way.

There are 4 easy steps to installing a faucet. First, be sure to turn the water to your faucet off so you can remove the old faucet using a wrench. Next, set the new faucet in place. Then, tighten the faucet against the sink. Finally, you'll install the new drain and connect the water lines — and water lines simply screw on or have quick connects so it's just a few flicks of the wrist and you're ready to turn on the water. Before you know it, you're done and you have a beautiful new faucet like the Hensley pictured below.



Refresh your bath accessories

Now, you've got the faucet replaced. By the way—bravo! Why not spruce-up your bath accessories while you're at it this weekend? Moen makes it easier than every to replace your towel rods, toilet paper holders, bath hooks and more with the Press & Mark™ system. The Press & Mark ™ system takes all the guesswork out of mounting a new bath accessory by using a built-in system ink to help you mark the wall where you need to drill and make sure your mounting is level.

Say you want to complete your faucet refresh with accessories from the Hensley collection—a robe hook, a toilet paper holder and a new towel bar:


hensley robe hook hensley toilet paper holder hensley towel bar


Now, your minutes away from gorgeous. All you have to do once you've finished removing your old fixtures is mount your new fixtures. With the Press & Mark™ accessories, you just line the fixture up exactly where you want to to go, press it to the wall, and you'll have two drill marks temporarily marked on your wall. This makes drilling holes in the right place a breeze. We also include a level for towel bars so you can make sure you're marks are level before you drill.

Additional weekend bath refreshes

Once you've refreshed your bath with a new faucet and fixtures, you can easily replace other bathroom accents for a full weekend bath refresh. First, a new toilet seat is an inexpensive and an easy-to-install weekend refresh task. Next, don't forget about your bathroom decor—accent mirrors, rugs and bath mats are all easy items to upgrade. If you're feeling ambitious, you can repaint your bathroom with a beautiful new semigloss paint in only a day. And why not add a fresh shower curtain to brighten up the entire room?


bathroom 1 press and mark  bathroom 2 press and mark bathroom 3 press and mark


Dramatically change your power room or bathroom in a weekend.