Bathroom Accessories are More Than Just Accents

Featuring the Belfield Chrome Hand Towel Bar

Small spaces call for big attention to details.

New and improved products add style, elegance and added functionality to today's baths

Small spaces call for big attention to detail, and that's especially true in today's baths. In a room where tile and cabinetry may take up more visual real estate, it's the little things, like towel bars, tank levers and shower curtain rods that are adding appeal when designing or updating a bath.

Why such a fuss over these common household necessities? These everyday pieces are not only becoming functional – but fashionable – with the addition of on-trend styles, finishes and smart design. So no longer is a toilet tank lever just standard equipment, it can be just the item to add some flair and pizzazz to your bath. Read on to learn how today's bath accessories have moved from basic to beautiful.

Fashionable Functionality
It's one of life's constants: toilet paper always runs out. But changing the roll doesn't have to involve a spring-loaded bar flying across the room. Depending on your decorating tastes, choose from an innovative pivoting toilet paper holder that features a bar you simply lift up to replace the roll or a European-styled design that features an open end for easy roll replacement.

Homeowners are buying these designs in record numbers, and so we are adding new creative elements into many of our offerings. At Moen, we're enhancing our accessories with unexpected benefits that make life easier and more convenient. Toilet paper holders are such an everyday item, yet the pivoting function is a unique feature that is noted in our product reviews.

Even shower rods are becoming stylish. Moen recently introduced a Curved Shower Rod, something originally seen only in upscale hotels. Now widely available at retail and wholesale store locations, this new shower rod curves out slightly, creating six more inches of "elbow room" in the shower. It can accommodate a standard shower curtain and can be retrofitted to replace older shower rods. But the Curved Shower Rod offers more than just extra room – it also creates an extra dose of style. The clean curve creates a simple, yet unique, architectural detail.

People are using accessories to update the look in their bath. Not only is it easy to switch them out, it's also affordable. The Curved Shower Rod is a great example of this because it takes just minutes to install and makes a striking difference.

Finish Frenzy
Some interior designers have noticed a trend towards their clients selecting their fixture & hardware finish first, then designing their bathroom around the finish. That's why you'll find accessories in some of today's most sought-after finishes like Brushed Nickel and Old World Bronze. These finishes have been specially treated to have a deeper, richer appearance for a sophisticated look that's updated and elegant. Plus, they are offered on all those little details that make a bathroom complete. Now even a simple tank lever can be upgraded to coordinate with the rest of the bath.

After all, that's what accessories are all about: an attention to the details. And with today's accessories, those details create style solutions like never before.