A Statement Piece for your Bathroom

Just as the right necklace can transform your look, the right faucet can change your bathroom. See the story behind the story - as two jewelry designers turned inspiration from our faucets into works of art.

From Sketch to Statement

Artist Sarah Loertscher and the Arris® Collection

Sarah's interest in the geometric structure of natural objects drew her to the Arris collection. The tubular shapes of the Arris faucet inspired her one-of-a-kind necklace composed of clean lines and delicate details.

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Arris faucet

"Experiencing a statement piece is not only about what you see, it's about how it makes you feel."

Sarah Loertscher

Finding the Right Angle

Artist Gina Pankowski and the 90 Degree® Collection

Gina brought her passion for modern design and timeless elegance to life in her magnificent necklace inspired by the shapes and angles of the 90 Degree collection.

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"This piece is a statement of confidence and forward thinking."

Gina Pankowski

90 Degree faucet

Inspired & Adorned

Artist Gina Pankowski and the Weymouth® Collection

Deconstructing the graceful elements of the Weymouth faucet, Gina Pankowski used her expert craftsmanship to design and assemble a statement piece that's as elaborate as the Weymouth collection.

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Weymouth faucet

"To me, a statement necklace has a strong, unique design and demonstrates a sense of style and personal energy."

Gina Pankowski

Moen Statement Piece

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