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Use the interactive tool to customize your shower. Choose from a wide variety of fixtures, finishes, and controls to create the perfect shower for you.

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Traditional levers allow you to manually adjust the temperature and flow of your shower.

    Digital technology allows you to personalize your shower experience with four programmable presets and one-touch activation of multiple water spray outlets.

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        Setting Up Your Shower
        Know your options first. Select a thumbnail to see sample shower plans, or read brief product descriptions before you get started.

        • Premium
        • Rainshower
        • Classic
        • 360 Coverage
        1. Rainshowers Moen's square or round fixtures offer full-body coverage for a spa-like, water-drenching sensation with three-times more spray power than most rainshowers.
        2. Showerheads: Showerhead fixtures provide unmatched diversity and functionality for one or more shower walls.
        3. Hand Showers: Flexible handheld shower fixtures are the perfect, full-coverage option for bathing while seated and bathing the kids and pets.
        4. Body Sprays: Body sprays conveniently mount to any wall to provide an invigorating, enveloping sensation.
        5. Control Type: Turn on your shower using traditional, manual levers and dials for temperature and flow control or digital controls for personalized functionality.

        Planning Tips

        Configuration Tips: Avoid placing your shower devices on outside walls to prevent pipe running challenges. Install volume controls at a comfortable height for all users.

        Water pressure: For maximum water capacity, we recommend ¾" pipe to the valve.

        Having enough hot water: 40 gallon water heaters are typical in new home construction. If choosing more than 2 shower devices such as a shower head and handshower, consider a larger water heater such as a 55 or 80 gallon capacity. Tankless water heaters are another option, since they heat the water as you use it. Note: Our ioDIGITAL vertical spa valve requires at least 2 tankless water heaters to keep up with the demand of the valve.

        Drainage: Depending on the number of devices you have running, you may need a larger or multiple drains. Consult with a professional to ensure you are within the local plumbing code.

        Shower Arms: Moen offers shower arms in various lengths, mounting types and styles to further customize your experience.

        Drop ells: Drop ells are sold separately for handshowers.

        Body Sprays: Consider the height of the user(s) when placing bodysprays. Each body spray tilts and can provide about 6" of additional coverage in any direction. The top body spray is usually set at shoulder height, the midlevel is directed at the hip, and the lowest body spray usually targets the thigh to knee area.

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        Download Specifications

        from for each model to understand the connections, dimensions and flow rates.

        Consult a Professional

        These are a few common tips to take into consideration. There may be more depending on your situation. Always consult a professional to be confident you are making the right choice.

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        Pivoting body sprays provide generous coverage. Place them on one or across multiple walls. Two sprays per wall are suitable for those standing at average height. For above average height, choose three, four or six sprays. Need additional help? Once you're finished, print your completed plan and bring it to your local showroom for a consultation.

        Click a fixture below to view available Moen products.

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        Select a control type:

        manual control

        Traditional levers allow you to manually adjust the temperature and flow of your shower. If you selected hand showers, body sprays or multiple showerheads or rainshowers, we have preselected manual control handles for each fixture.

        digital control

        Digital technology allows you to personalize your shower experience with four programmable presets and one-touch activation of multiple water spray outlets. Activate your preferred temperature and flow or switch from shower to body spray, hand shower or rainshower with the push of a button.

        Note: Manual and Digital valve control components reference a chrome finish by default.
        Consult with your professional for matching finish options and pricing.

        Your Shower is Complete!

        Now that you're finished, make your design a reality by printing this project summary and sharing your plan with a local showroom consultant.

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