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What type of faucet do you have?

What finish is your faucet?

How many handles does the faucet have?

How many handles does the faucet have?

How many handles does the faucet have?

What type of handle is on your faucet?

How far apart do your handles sit from one another?

Did your faucet come with a pop-up drain assembly?

Pop-up Drain

What is a pop-up drain assembly?
A pop-up drain assembly is commonly used in bathroom sinks. A mechanical plug called a "pop-up stopper" is used to hold water in the sink. Moen offers lavatory faucets both with and without the pop-up drain.

Do you have any Body Sprays?

Does your tub/shower have one handle for temperature control and one handle for volume control?

Pop-up Drain

Do you turn on your tub/shower by pulling the handle or rotating the handle?

Are the screws in your tub/shower escutcheon plate at 5 & 7 o'clock positions or the 2 & 7 o'clock positions?

Does your Roman/Garden tub include a hand shower?

Does your faucet have a side spray?

Does your faucet have a deck plate?

Does your faucet have a pullout/pulldown spout?

Does your faucet filter water?


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