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Date Posted: May 22, 2015


North Olmsted, Ohio... Are you ready to be amazed? Picture a showerhead with incredible strength, style and superior performance. It's not an optical illusion -- it's the new Attract™ hand shower from Moen. Available at The Home Depot, Attract features Moen's new innovative Magnetix™ technology, a powerful magnetic dock that allows for easy release of the hand shower, while also securely snapping it back into place -- even when your eyes are closed.

"At Moen, our priority is thoughtfully designing products that make consumers' lives easier," said Maribeth Kwasniewski, director of retail marketing, Moen. "Attract with Magnetix does just that. Its integrated magnet makes re-docking the hand shower easier and more intuitive, plus lowers the height of the showerhead, providing easier access for those with limited mobility and simplifying the showering experience."

Attract offers an easy-to-use dial that allows consumers to switch between six high-performance spray options, providing a customizable showering experience. Each setting features optimized pressure ranging from massage to combinations of soft and forceful full-rinse sprays to accommodate any shower preference. For added convenience, select models offer a push-button feature to easily change between settings. A larger spray face provides exceptional coverage, while the magnetic dock ensures the hand shower always faces forward, meaning water goes where the user wants it.

Attract hand showers also include a flexible, kink-free, 60-inch metal hose for greater reach in the tub or shower -- allowing consumers to accomplish other tasks, such as bathing children, washing pets and cleaning the shower, with ease.

Attract hand showers with Magnetix offer transitional styling to coordinate with most bathroom décor. The showerheads are available in Chrome with dial ($44.98) and Moen's exclusive Spot Resist™ Brushed Nickel finish with push-button ($69.98) -- the number one selling spot resistant finish -- which helps resist fingerprints and water spots to maintain the brilliance of the fixture.

The showerheads also are certified to meet WaterSense® criteria, meaning they meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines as environmentally responsible and efficient products. Attract hand showers with Magnetix offer a flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm), potentially reducing water usage, while still providing consumers with a sensational water experience.

For more information about new Attract hand showers with Magnetix, visit or call 1-800-BUY-MOEN (1-800-289-6636).


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