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August, 2006

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream kitchen in mind.

Getting Started!

Getting Started!

North Olmsted, Ohio ... You've finally made the decision that it's time for a change and you are ready to get started with your design project. Unfortunately, getting started is often the hardest part of the design process. With so many different directions to go in, the process can seem overwhelming.

That's why Moen Incorporated talked with the professionals and compiled a few tips to help you get started. Hopefully with this little extra help the process will be more approachable, less stressful, and much more fun!

First ask, is the space working? When you look at a beautiful magazine photo of a room, you need to also envision that room with you in it! No one wants to create a beautiful space that doesn't function-so make sure that it functions first. Think of how you envision using the room. Will it be used for entertaining? Will there be pets or kids running through it? Will it be a more comfortable or more formal room? How much maintenance do you envision? Answering these questions will help you to determine your functional design needs and start you in the right direction.

Determine how you want to feel when you are in the room. Your kitchen is the heart of your house, your community center, your meal preparation center. Do you want it to be a warm, inviting space for you to spend time with family and entertaining? Or perhaps if cooking is your passion, it should make you feel empowered to create the most exquisite cuisine.

Your bathroom can be the room that takes a beating with the constant use, or it can be the one area of your home where you can be alone to relax, even if only for a few minutes a day. Do you want a bathroom with storage and organization to make you feel not so crazed? Or perhaps it should take on a zen-like theme with candles and soft lights to make you feel peaceful and serene while soaking in the tub.

No matter how your rooms will be used, it is vital that these areas make you feel good. Design is a critical component of making your rooms enjoyable.

Get ideas! Look at pictures online or in books and magazines. Visit specialty stores, kitchen and bath showrooms or even homes of friends and family. Take note of what it is that you like and what is pleasing. Similarly, note what you don't like and what it is that makes things unappealing. This part of the design process should feel like visiting an art gallery. So when you see a product that "jumps off the canvas" find a way to add it into your design.

All of these places are good starting points to get ideas and pull them together to see what would work for you. Be sure not to duplicate exactly what is in a magazine or in the design showroom, since that would not necessarily be a reflection of your personality. Also, be sure to look at ideas and styles that are not your normal tastes and be open to new ideas. You never know what might interest or inspire you.

Identify the starting point and visualize the end point. Now that you know how your room will function, how you want it to make you feel, and have started collecting ideas of your tastes, begin to visualize how you can implement these needs. Making a space plan will help to ensure that your room will function properly. Additionally, from an aesthetic view, many spaces benefit from having a focal point since it draws your eyes to an area and anchors the space. Focal points can range from a faucet, a key piece of furniture, an interesting piece of art, or you can create a focal point by painting a wall a different color than the other three. There are many ways to approach your focal point, but it's important to plan it ahead of time.

Make a plan and follow it. 'Measure twice, cut once' is always a good motto to follow. Since there are many elements that can restrict you, planning ahead to visualize your end result will allow you to determine your restrictions, help the process to flow smoothly, and ultimately create a design that meets your needs and shows your personality.

Finally, have fun! Know that you are the boss of your design project. With today's eclectic design styles, it is acceptable to design and create rooms that mix and match and add anything that inspires you. If a bamboo faucet inspires you, but you have traditional tastes, add it into your design for a spice of Asian flair. As long as you are happy with the outcome, your mission is accomplished!

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