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Myth vs Truth Keeping the Kitchen Clean

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Faucets are one of the most unsanitary parts of your kitchen.


A number of faucets manufactured by Moen have antimicrobial technology built into the finish.

Even though nearly six out of ten adults surveyed are concerned with their daily exposure to microbes, the kitchen faucet can be the least of their worries. Today, there are a number of faucets manufactured by Moen with antimicrobial technology built right into the finish, so it won't wash off or wear away for the lifetime of the product. The Walden model, for example, features Microban® antimicrobial protection that works 24/7 to help inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing micro-organisms, mold, and mildew… keeping the finish cleaner for longer.

To help cut drain bacteria at its source, try sanitizing the entire sink by mixing bleach and water or another tough disinfectant product. Replace sponges and cleaning brushes every month. Countertops and wooden cutting boards are also prime gathering spots for bacteria, and require a serious sanitizing after using to prepare food.

Gloved hands with cleaning products Spraying kitchen faucet


White and reflective surfaces in the kitchen are harder to keep clean.


Moen can help you keep your white and reflective surfaces looking new.

With the number of stain-resistant materials available in today's marketplace, keeping white kitchens clean is no longer as difficult as it once used to be. Stain-resistant technology is now commonly found in countertops, sinks, cabinetry and flooring, so you can enjoy the brilliance and elegance of white without worry of the surface graying or becoming grimy looking. As far as reflective surfaces go, those stainless steel appliances may require a little extra work to wipe off fingerprints.

For simple cleaning, any window cleaner or mineral oil works wonders. For tougher smudges and streaks try a foaming citrus cleaner and degreaser. Fortunately, that gleaming kitchen faucet doesn't have to be nearly as much work…should you choose a Moen model with Spot Resist™. This unique faucet technology actually prevents water spots and fingerprints. And when it is time to clean, these stainless and brushed nickel finish beauties easily wipe clean.

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