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October, 2013

What's your DIY - IQ?

October, 2013

So, you're thinking about a doing a little DIY'ing. How much do you really know about the steps involved and what really goes into a remodel?

Question: What type of kitchen layout maximizes efficiency?

Answer: The kitchen work triangle made up of the cook top, sink, and refrigerator is the most efficient layout when the imaginary legs of the triangle are between four to nine feet.

Question: When framing a bathroom mirror how long should you let the tiles sit for?

Answer: Always let tiles sit for at least 24 hours when framing a bathroom mirror?

Question: What typically eats up the largest chunk of a kitchen remodeling budget?

Answer: Cabinets typically account for roughly 35 percent of your budget.

Question: When installing a pedestal sink, how far do you want the waste stub to extend into the trap assembly?

Answer: You'll want the waste stub to extend about 2 inches into the trap assembly.

Question: Is it more cost effective to replace a sink or refinish it?

Answer: The cost of replacing a sink is usually less than the cost to refinish your old one.

Question: What is the proper height to position a grab bar inside a bathtub enclosure?

Answer: Position a grab bar horizontally, approximately 36 inches from the bottom of the tub, so bathers can use the bar to help raise themselves from a seated position.

Question: What is the best way to stop a pipe burst?

Answer: A sleeve clamp can stop everything from small to large leaks to give you enough time to call a professional and save you from having to deal with extensive water damage.

Question: When cutting a sink hole in your laminate countertop, how do you keep the laminate from chipping and splintering as you cut?

Answer: Place a strip of masking tape over your cutout lines to protect the laminate from chipping and splintering.

Question: How much water does a dual flush toilet save?

Answer: A dual flush toilet can save approximately 65% of the regular bathroom water consumption.

Question: What is meant by a "pressure-balancing" tub and shower faucet?

Answer: It is a faucet that keeps the water temperature within ±3°F (1°C) of the original temperature by balance incoming hot and cold water. Moen's PosiTemp and Moentrol® tub and shower valves all feature pressure-balancing.

Question: What is one of the top ways to improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom?

Answer: Replacing a faucet is one way to improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom AND add value. Moen offers wide range of easy-to-install faucets to fit every taste and budget.

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