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August, 2013

Does Your Kitchen Pass the Contemporary Test?

Knowing when to update your wardrobe is easy. Your clothes either wear out, they just don't fit the same, or they simply are not in style anymore. But what is the true test of when it's time to update your kitchen? Well, here are several of the most current design and product trends you can use to assess the status of your kitchen. Then you can decide just how urgent a contemporary makeover may be!

Open Floor Plan
Let's begin with the big picture ... does your kitchen have an open floor plan? This is a big social trend in kitchens today and having a design that opens up to adjoining rooms is a must for families wanting to connect and converse. An island or peninsula with bar seating invites family and guests to feel even closer.

Arc Design Faucets
And now for the finishing touch! Elegant faucets have become a focal point of modern day kitchens. The one-handle, high arc Kiran™ and Boardwalk™ from Moen come with Spot Resist technology that helps you to maintain its sparkling finish, effortlessly. And isn't "less work" what everyone wants in their dream kitchen of the future!

Stain Resistant Countertops
Solid surface countertops are practically a standard in today's updated kitchens. One popular trend today is called Caesarstone, a highly durable, man-made stone consisting mostly of quartz, granite, and marble. The formula makes way for more color and style options to create a truly unique surface. Engineered to be non-porous, these countertops are highly resistant to stains and scratches.

European Style Cabinets
You may have heard that European-style cabinets are all the rage ... but what exactly is a European-style cabinet? Essentially, they are "frameless" meaning they don't have a face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box which becomes an obstruction. You gain valuable space in the width of your cabinet openings and the height of the available drawer space is increased as well.

Tile Backsplash
A tile backsplash keeps splatters and spills from staining your walls and makes post-cooking clean up a whole lot easier. But the real beauty is in the visual interest that tile adds to your kitchen. With virtually no limits on color, geometric shape and tile size, every kitchen can have its own one-of-a-kind wall art, turning your galley into a gallery.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel kitchen appliances and finishes always get the compliments of guests. But beyond the flattery, homeowners love stainless because of its superior durability, and the neutral finish goes with virtually any existing color scheme in the room. Check out newly unveiled stainless kitchen sink designs from Moen. They look right at home in any contemporary kitchen, and they're easier-to-clean!

Under Cabinet Lighting
Kitchen light exactly where you need it ... that's one advantage to under cabinet lighting. It can just make you feel good, too! The softer task-lighting under your cabinets can give your kitchen the warm glow you'll never get with glaring overhead lights.

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