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May, 2009

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream kitchen in mind.

Design to Unwind

Design to Unwind

Americans today are constantly on the go – and the need for escape is greater than ever. No place is this need more evident than in the home.

According to Judy Riley, Moen's vice president of design, the home is looked to as the primary place for comfort and serenity during stressful times. "Today's home is for much more than eating and sleeping - it is an escape from the outside world."

What are the latest trends in the modern escape home? More importantly, how can you transform your home into a safe haven with both style and smarts?

The Hub of the Home

Kitchens have come a long way in the past several years, and they continue to evolve more into the family gathering place than ever before. "The kitchen is the center of connectivity for today's family - not only physically, but also digitally," said Riley. "The kitchen is where we socialize, check email, surf the web, watch television and charge everything from the cell phone to the iPod."

With the kitchen as the home's nucleus, it's important to incorporate design elements that fit this specific purpose. Today's kitchen lends itself to a more flexible, open plan than ever before, with ample counter space and wiring to support all of the family's gadgets. It also requires more seating, from high-top bar stools to casual table dining.

Your Personal Oasis

Today's bathroom also uses technology to take on a variety of functions. But, in the same way technology provides homeowners the chance to connect in the kitchen, it provides them with the opportunity to disconnect in the bath with a customized spa-like experience.

The benefits of technology can be found in a bathroom near you - or even your own - with the new ioDIGITALâ„¢ system from Moen. ioDIGITAL easily brings technology into the bathroom by letting you dial in and maintain both temperature and flow for your shower or bath with electronic precision, and it's as simple to program as setting your car radio presets. An optional remote control even allows you to activate your ideal shower or bath from up to 30 feet away - or while still in bed.

Homeowners that want to get a tech-savvy bath can choose from the ioDIGITAL shower, which takes the guesswork out of showering, giving users a custom, personalized shower experience with the touch of a button; or the ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa, featuring multiple spray outlets – allowing the user to select a shower or body spray; handshower or rainshower - or choose them all for the ultimate showering experience.

Homeowners that prefer to relax and unwind with a long, luxurious soak can still bring the benefits of digital technology into the bathroom with the ioDIGITAL Roman Tub. This new digital Roman tub takes the guesswork out of drawing the perfect bath, offering precise, personalized temperature and water-height control for each of its users with the touch of a button. Its digital interface features separate temperature and flow dials, plus an innovative Child Lock feature to greatly reduce the risk of tub overfill or scalding. Plus, ioDIGITAL Roman tub's optional remote features an On/Off button, three convenient preset buttons and a hot water Top Off feature, to easily warm your bath with the touch of a button.

Bringing even more technology into the bath, today's modern homeowners are adding digital music players, HDTVs and heated flooring to create their own personalized bathroom bliss.

What will tomorrow bring for your home? By incorporating today's best trends into your living space, you can ensure it remains your refuge for years to come.

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