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November, 2011

Have a Stress-Free Holiday Feast

Kitchens work overtime during the holidays. They're the source of feasts and holiday treats, and always draw a crowd during gatherings. That's why it's important to keep your working space organized and clutter-free. Here are the best ways to make sure your kitchen is ready for holiday cooking.

Free Up Your Cabinets

Figure out what you have in your cabinets that you won't use during holiday cooking. Then free up as much space as you can so that you have quick, easy access to whatever you'll use most frequently. It may sound scary, but you can put everything right back after the holidays are over.

For example, many people have a shelf or a cabinet dedicated for baking supplies like muffin tins, pie pans and cookie sheets. If you're going to use these, consider setting them out on the counter or even rearranging them so that what you need is on top and easy to find.

Also, clear containers work great for storage, so be creative. Recycle jars for different dry ingredients and spices. Not only will you be able to see when a product needs to be replaced, but your kitchen will have an effortless, uniform look.

Organize Your Holiday Recipes

An easy way to stay organized in the kitchen is to create a game plan for the big dinner party. Simply make copies of the recipes you'll need on the big day and store them in a binder, and you've got yourself a master cookbook. This way you won't have several different cookbooks open at once, taking up counter space.

Or, go digital. There are several cookbook organizing tools available online, such as digital cookbook, which even offers free standard edition downloads. This cooking tool allows you to organize your recipes, ingredients, nutritional information and much more.

Add a Sink for Easy Clean-Up

Makeshift sinks can keep things running smoothly in your kitchen. Dinner guests can place their dirty dishes in the temporary sinks, leaving you sink space for other uses. Use tubs from around your home, or these plastic bins from Lowe's work great. And, once the holidays are over, you can use the tubs for storage around your home.

Filling them can be the tricky part, unless you use one of Moen's Reflex® kitchen faucets. The pulldown faucet technology allows you to effortlessly fill the tubs outside of the sink, as well as quickly refill the tubs with clean water throughout the night.

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