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Here's an Idea: Why Not Remodel? Get Top 5 Remodeling Design Ideas

Let the fun begin. You're ready to make some changes in your home, but you have to'd like to know what everyone else is doing first. Here are a few ideas that are quite popular in the world of home improvement.

Go with Green

These days, going green is easier than ever. While you're thinking about remodeling, consider the transition to an eco-friendly design whenever possible. Solar panels, bamboo floors, grass-thatched roofs and bark siding are just a few of the newest green home products and excellent remodel options.

A Warming Trend

Warmer tiles and colors are definitely making a comeback. Instead of favoring minimalist, white designs, people are gravitating toward cozier earth tones. Discover how calm and comforting shades such as gray, eggplant and taupe can be in your home.

Update Your Outdated Hardware

One of the simplest—and most economical—ways to update your kitchen or bathroom is to replace outdated hardware with new fixtures. Today's most popular hardware finishes include oil rubbed bronze, brushed stainless and chrome. And as far as styles go, your options are wide open. Use our Design Your Own tool to see what looks inspire you.

Open for Pleasure

There's no doubt about it: open floor plans are in. Consider removing interior walls and opening up the spaces in older houses to give them a more airy feeling. It's also a great option if you have limited square footage and you'd like to give your room a bigger appearance.

Relax...You're Home

Homeowners are more stressed than ever. So it's not surprising that they're turning their bathrooms into "zen-like" spas that offer the ultimate in relaxation. There's a big demand for showers with all the amenities: steam, seating, body sprays, etc.

Moen makes it easy for you to create your perfect kitchen or bath with just a couple clicks of your mouse. Try our interactive Design Your Own tool.

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