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Looking to Spice up Your Spare Room? Top 5 Things to Consider When Adding a Rec Room/Wet Bar

Want to bring that large basement or spare room that's just sitting there to life? Here are some tips that'll help you decide the best use of your space.

What'll It Be?

You've got extra room in your home and you'd like a space that everyone in your family can share and enjoy together. Before you go ahead and design the space, it's important to consider how—and how frequently—you'll be using it. If everyone in your family is a sports fan, add a large-screen TV and make your favorite team the theme of the room. Or, create a great game room with a pool table and pinball machines.

Comfort Counts

Whichever theme you decide on, make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating available. Share your own sense of personal style. Artwork, furniture and lighting can all affect the room's vibe. Creating a mini-kitchen is a great way to encourage people to gather together and enjoy popcorn and beverages.

Wet Bar...or No Wet Bar

You're thinking about adding a wet bar to your home since you often entertain guests, but does it really need to be wet? The wet bar differs from a regular bar in that it includes a sink with running water. With it, you'll be able to serve drinks much quicker, immediately clean glasses and add water to cocktail mixes. If you don't have plumbing in your bar, you can always use a rolling two-tiered cart that displays bottles and glasses.

Some Basics Training

Do you actually have enough room to add a wet bar in your basement? Do you have the proper area, plumbing and electrical wires? You'll need enough electrical outlets above the counter for a coffee maker or blender and any other appliances, and space for an under-counter refrigerator (with an integrated icemaker, if you can get one).

Think Outside the Basement

While indoor wet bars are great in the winter, an outdoor wet bar makes for an exceptional entertainment for you and your guests to enjoy each other's company as well as a beautiful day outdoors. Be sure to use surge protectors and outdoor electrical cords to run electricity if you plan to use a refrigerator or cooler. Also, if you live in an area that gets rain, snow, sand storms or other harsh weather, make sure the bar top you choose is weather-resistant.

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