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Creating the Perfect Bar or Rec Room? Explore Top 5 Bar and Rec Room Ideas

Wet bars come in all styles, shapes and sizes and are able to be used both indoors and out. They can be built, styled and decorated to suit your tastes, desires and budget. Even when they're not in use, they serve as wonderful storage space and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Big Win

Whether you're an armchair quarterback or sports aficionado, adding a sports bar to your home is one project that will definitely be right up your alley. Decorate with sports memorabilia like pennants, bar towels, posters or replica trophies. Complete the look by purchasing a hotdog machine, popcorn maker or keg cooler, to act as a functional, yet aesthetically cool piece that gives your wet bar area a winning feel.


If entertaining is your passion and you have wall-room to spare, buffet bars, commonly known as butler's pantry bars, are an ideal fit for you. A long countertop with a sink strategically placed at one end helps to create an open and convenient food preparation area. Install upper cabinets with frosted glass panels to hold beer steins, martini and wine glasses. To make your bar feel less like a kitchen, conceal appliances like wine coolers, icemakers and dishwashers behind full-panel cabinet doors.

It's Not the Size that Matters

Mini wet bars are a great way to go when your space is limited. Like regular wet bars, they typically have upper and lower cabinetry for storage and above-counter electrical outlets. However, the sink, under-counter refrigerator and bar top workspace are considerably smaller. Many manufactures have created pull-out serving trays, concealed casters and storage-intensive cabinets to help those with space limitations.

Pick a Theme, Any Theme

Wet bars can be designed to follow many different themes. Even though they all basically sport a table top with a facade and shelves in the back, wet bars offer design options that are endless. Consider the pull-up-a-chair bar (a seated bar that is still the favorite); the anywhere-it-fits bar (a closet just might be the perfect spot); or the James Bond/casino-themed bar (with lots of chrome and steel - including the martini stirrers.) Just use your imagination.

It's Shaping Up

Get the most out of your space by building a semi-circle or "L" shaped bar with behind-the-bar shelving and above-and-below counter storage. Add style and class with a granite or natural stone surface top and leather-wrapped bar stools.

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