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May, 2011

Your Kitchen: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

How do you create a kitchen environment that serves all of your families' activities and still serves as a place to create meals? Here are some ideas to help you transform your kitchen into the ultimate multi-task area.

Craft Center

From sticky hands to dripping paintbrushes, crafts can be very messy. But with a sink close by, kitchens become the perfect place for crafts. Moen's new Brantford™ Faucet, with a pulldown hose, is ideal for small hands with limited reach. Unlike other pulldown models, the Brantford Faucet features new Reflex™ technology, which ensures that the hose stays in place when not in use, and has full range of motion for easy movability.

Keeping your craft center organized is key. Do you have a lot of craft magazines and books? Use a wooden ladder to keep them in order. Place the ladder vertical or horizontal (whichever way best fits your craft space) then hang your magazines and books, folded open, on each rung. Also, plastic hardware drawers work wonders for keeping small crafting items organized and are easily stored when not in use.

Once your craft center is set up, test it out by making eggshell flower pots! All you need is an empty egg container, some potting soil and flower seeds. Throw on gardening gloves or old dish gloves and help your kids start to plant their favorite seeds in the dirt-filled eggshells. Place the plants in the kitchen windowsill, water daily and when the plants are ready, transfer them to your outdoor garden.

Kitchen-Friendly Workstation

A kitchen workstation lets you pay bills, cook dinner and supervise homework at the same time. One inexpensive tool for keeping mail and bills organized is used window shutters. Lock the shutters in the upright position, choose a paint color and hang by your workstation. Small notepads can be stored in the shutters for quick note writing.

Chalkboard paint works great in the kitchen for grocery lists, or as a study tool for spelling or vocabulary tests. The paint (available at hardware stores) can be tinted to match a variety of colors, and can take on any shape you choose. Use painter's tape to map out your desired pattern, apply several coats and in no time you will have a homemade chalkboard.

Want to keep the chalkboard hidden? Paint the inside of a pantry door instead. You can keep a running grocery list and the door is still accessible to the family, but hidden from company.

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