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March, 2009

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream kitchen in mind.

Make Every Inch Count

Make Every Inch Count

Small kitchens often need big options in terms of storage. By tackling the following projects, you can add extra storage space to your kitchen without adding square footage.

Out of sight. Too many appliances on the counter can make the kitchen feel cluttered and confined. Keep them tucked away behind an appliance garage or in a cupboard that pulls out like a drawer. Both of these cabinets can be purchased from your local home improvement store or custom ordered from acabinet supplier.

Evaluate every space. A sliver of space as narrow as six inches can be turned into a pullout pantry for storing cans and spices; nine-inches is enough room for a cookie sheet cabinet, or for storing baggies, wraps and foils.

Add it on. Create a niche between wall studs by building or purchasing shelvingfor display or to hold spices.

Hang it up. Purchase a pot rack and hang it above your stove to decoratively display your pots and pans and free up needed cabinet space.

Pull it out. Replace your existing faucet with a pullout version at your sink like the Camerist™ faucet from Moen. This innovative faucet offers the convenience of a side spray, but provides extra functionality and spray options with the push of a button.

Shelf diversity. Swing-out shelves and Lazy Susans make good use of corner cabinets. Pull out trays and drawers allow you to easily see items stored at the back of cabinets. Look for staggered plastic shelving that lets you store rows of cans at different levels for easy access. Add wire shelving units to the back of the pantry door or to the sink cabinet for extra storage as well.

With these few simple ideas, less clutter will truly bring more function and organization to your kitchen!

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