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May, 2009

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream kitchen in mind.

Kitchen Pet Peeves

Kitchen Pet Peeves


North Olmsted, Ohio… It's where the typical family begins and ends their day, and truth be told, it's where they spend a good chunk of their time throughout the day, as well. Whether it's preparing meals, finishing homework, surfing the internet, or even wrapping gifts, the kitchen has become the real living room of the home. Curious about this hub of daily activity, Moen Incorporated, the number one faucet brand in North America, began to wonder how real life played out in this space and recently conducted an online survey to query consumers about everything from kitchen pet peeves in and around the sink to what they would like to change most about their current kitchens.

"We know that the kitchen is the place where true day-to-day living unfolds," says Jack Suvak, director of market research and insights for Moen. "And we were curious to see how that translated into actual activities and habits in and around the sink."

Survey Says: Top Pet Peeve is Dirty Dishes in the Sink

So what are the things that really drive us crazy in the kitchen -- specifically in and around the sink? According to the survey, the top pet peeve that consumers have in relation to their kitchen sink area is "other household members leaving dirty dishes in the sink." Nearly 50 percent of respondents stated that "family members leaving dirty pots, pans, plates, etc." was their top cause of tension.

     • Coming in at a close second, with 42 percent of the respondents surveyed, was "household members leaving food/crumbs in the sink without washing it out."

      • Rounding out the other top peeves were "not wiping down the faucet or sink as part of cleaning" (at 40 percent) and "leaving wet/dirty rags and sponges in the sink" (at 34 percent).

     • Only 18 percent of those surveyed said they had no pet peeves.

Not surprisingly, when this same group of consumers was asked for their top "problem" in relation to their kitchen faucet and sink area, the biggest response (with nearly 40 percent of the respondents) was "keeping the area around the faucet clean." The next largest problems were: "too much splashing when rinsing large items," (at 30 percent) and "difficulty cleaning the area where the sink meets the countertop," (with 25 percent of the respondents).

"We are frequently in touch with consumers to seek out problems they may experience, so we can develop products which specifically solve these problems," said Suvak. "While we can't create a product that will help clean up dirty dishes in the sink, Moen has created faucets which make it easier to clean the sink area – with pullout spray functionality to reach every nook and cranny in the sink, and make every last crumb disappear. Likewise, we have undermount sinks which integrate seamlessly into a solid-surface countertop and can help homeowners keep the sink area clean, because crumbs can be wiped directly from the counter into the sink."

A Day in the Life of a Sink

When asked for the most unusual task they completed at the kitchen sink, the top response was "potting/transplanting plants" (with 14 percent).

     • Next in line were a tie of "washing hair" and "cleaning tools" (at 12 percent), followed by "washing a pet" (11 percent), with small dog being the top mention. • Only twenty one percent of respondents said they never use their sink for an unusual task.

Besides a faucet, most Americans surveyed only have a side spray (62 percent) and garbage disposal (56 percent) at their sink. Twenty three percent have a water filtration device, with more males and younger consumers owning water-filtering products.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Still Desired

Among the most desired changes in the kitchen, "replacing the existing countertops" was ranked first (43 percent). The other top changes included, "making the kitchen larger" (40 percent), "adding more storage space" (39 percent), "replacing appliances" (38 percent) and "installing new flooring" (37 percent).

Across all respondents, the least desired change is "making the kitchen smaller"; and 12 percent would not make any changes to their kitchen.

"This survey confirmed what we had suspected – that consumers are using their kitchen sinks for a lot more than just washing dishes," added Suvak. "They're doing everything from potting plants to washing their pet. It's our priority at Moen to develop products which fit consumer needs for this ever-evolving space."

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