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Myth vs Truth Bathroom Safety

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A safe bathroom is a boring, institutional-looking bathroom.


Safety has never looked better.

Yes, the bathroom can be a dangerous place, but with today’s designers beautifully walking the line between form and function, you no longer have to choose between style or safety. Now it’s easy to have both! The concept of universal design ensures that areas of the home are designed to fit your lifestyle now and as you age. Universal design is also the pinnacle of multigenerational living, a term used to describe families who grandparents through grandchildren all live under the same roof. Houses like these have to be designed to create ease of living across all generations. While you’re building or remodeling your shower think about how you can work with your contractor to make the best of your shower space. The tips below are things all homeowners should be thinking about as they prep their houses for the long haul.

Items such as grab bars and slip-resistant flooring, long thought of as merely utilitarian; now offer nearly unlimited options to designers and remodelers. Moen incorporates grab bars into many of its faucet and fixture collections, and they come in all shapes and sizes to meet any of your design needs. Moen has also found ways to double grab bars as shelving units or soap trays. Slip-resistant tiles come in everything from faux wood and linen to unique textures of all kinds.

Look for shower head that is paired with a handheld sprayer option that can easily slide up and down on a wall mounted rod. These types of showers allow each member of the family to set the height to their level of comfort. The handheld sprayer also doubles as a hose giving mom and dad the flexibility they need to clean the kids off after a day of playing in the mud.

Other ways to create a safe and snazzy bathroom include linear drains, which limit the slope of the shower floor and make it wheelchair accessible. Shower chairs can now be found in chic, comfortable designs. And don’t forget illumination. Proper lighting, one of the most basic design considerations, is also one of the best ways to prevent accidents. The last thing to consider in universal design is a shower that has accurate temperature controls. When water is too hot or too cold the individual has the naturally instinct to move quickly which makes it easier to slip and fall. It’s also possible that before rinsing off a small child.

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