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May, 2009

From space-saving designs to the latest in sophisticated style, our design tips are made with you and your dream bathroom in mind.

Downsize Your Home, Upsize Your Amenities

Downsize Your Home, Upsize Your Amenities

The kids are grown and it's time to build a smaller nest. But downsizing doesn't have to mean downgrading. Make your next home, your best home, with amenities that are sure to guarantee comfort, convenience and luxury for years to come.

The Great-er Outdoors

Enjoy your yard without the yard work. No-mow lawns have sprouted up as a time-, water-, fuel- and money-saving alternative to the traditional lawn. These lawns are a mix of several slow-growing fescue grasses that form a dense, tough turf. They develop deep roots, which help them tolerate drought and thrive, even in the shade. No-mow lawns are extremely low maintenance - they need no fertilizer, no watering and they typically require mowing only once per year.

For homeowners in colder climates who are tired of the hassles and hazards of snow removal, driveway heating systems are an ideal amenity. Radiant driveway heating systems, such as those by Warmzone®, Inc. provide heat similar to indoor in-floor heating systems. Heat is delivered with either electric cable (electric systems) or by hot water pumped through plastic tubing (hydronic systems) compacted in the surface. Most driveway heating systems have automatic smart sensors that turn the systems on when it begins to snow, providing great consistency and reliability for snow removal, whether you're home or not.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Looking for ways to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary? You can quickly transform your shower into an indulgent spa-like escape with a multi-setting showerhead, like the Inspire™, seven-setting handheld showerhead from Moen, available at Lowe's stores nationwide. With Inspire's seven different functions – "Relaxing" wide spray, "Invigorating" concentrated spray, "Refreshing" combination spray, energizing massage, targeted massage, massaging rinse and hydrating spray - you can create a unique experience every time you shower. Plus, the handheld shower allows for additional targeted control, putting water pressure exactly where you want it.

And to make sure you enjoy your shower for years to come, incorporate grab bars into the décor. With the SecureMount™ grab bar installation system from Home Care™ by Moen®, safe can be stylish. New grab bars and anchors, ensure the grab bars can be installed into any type of wall surface, with or without a stud. Best of all, the grab bars come in a variety of designer finishes and styles for a look that's decorative, not institutional.

Interior Ingenuity

If your retirement includes travel, a convenient, accessible space for luggage is a must. Luggage rooms have been one of the top home amenity trends in recent years. Custom shelving and storage in these new luggage rooms save homeowners the hassles of cramming suitcases in closets or using inconvenient attic storage space.

Another popular amenity for the mature adult is a customized exercise room. Convert that spare room into a serene spot for yoga and Pilates. Or, add wood flooring, full-length mirrors and a sound system for a personal dance studio. Specialized equipment such as an indoor golf simulator and putting green or even a rock climbing wall with grips and a safe-landing mat, ensure you can have the room best suited to your hobbies and abilities.

Remember, bigger isn't always better. By downsizing your square footage, you can upsize the features that are most important to you while maximizing your enjoyment for years to come.

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