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November, 2011

Four Ways to Stay Warm and Save Energy this Winter

As the temperatures fall, your heating and hot water bills surely rise. Here are some products, updates and simple tips that can make winter more energy- efficient and affordable.

  • Pellet Stove

    Popular in the 1970s, pellet stoves are making a triumphant return. Actually not stoves at all, these gadgets are strictly used for heating rooms. By burning pellets made of renewable resources such as wood and corn, a pellet stove can heat two rooms. Plus, these "stoves" are highly efficient, release less CO2 than their gas, propane or oil counterparts and add a stylish and unique touch to any room.
  • Replace Windows and Doors

    An easy way to save energy and reduce heating costs is to update your home with new windows and doors. Not only will you save energy and money, you'll be more comfortable in your home. And the government even offers tax breaks: up to a $500 credit for doors and $200 for windows. So, let the construction begin!
  • "Smoke-Out" Drafts

    Find drafts and make your home smell great at the same time? Try incense! It works great to find the spots where hot air is leaking out and cold air is coming in. Once the stick is smoking, hold it next to the edges of doors and windows. If the smoke continues to rise normally, you are draft-free. But horizontal smoke indicates a leaky door or window frame, so make sure to have caulk on hand for quick repairs.
  • Eco-friendly Showerheads

    Cold winters mean hot showers and hot showers mean using more energy and more energy means even bigger water bills. That's why winter is the perfect time to install eco-friendly showerheads that use less water. Moen offers a complete line of WaterSense® certified products, including the Velocity™ showerhead, that conserve water without sacrificing performance. The Velocity showerhead lets you experience a calming rain rinse and a self-pressurized spray.
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