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How to Make a Model Project out of Your Remodeling Project Top 5 Tips for Successful Remodeling Projects

Measuring correctly. Staying on schedule and on budget. Here are some helpful ways to help guarantee the project you're planning meets your expectations.

Measure for Measure

Proper measurements? If you don't take correct measurements, things will not fit properly. This kind of mistake has the potential to ruin any remodeling project. It's best to create a floor plan and correct all your design mistakes before you start the project. Many people find it easy to use room design software to create their plans, but pen and paper works just as well. Whichever way you choose, you'll ensure your project's a success.

Template? What Template?

When it's time to install a new faucet, you may need to cut a hole to fit the new dimensions. Most faucet manufacturers include a template for you to follow—it practically guarantees accurate placement. If you decide not to use the template or the spec sheet that comes with the faucet, you run the serious risk of having an off-center faucet. And if you've drilled a hole through your counter, it won't be easy to cover any mistakes.

Never Underestimate an Estimate

These days, just about everyone is cost conscious. Whether you choose to do a project yourself or hire a professional, it's critical to establish and maintain a budget that everyone can agree and rely upon. An investment in 3D plans and drawings that can show you your space from different angles and can save time and money. It's also a good idea to track costs as stages of your project are completed, instead of waiting until the end of the job. That way, discrepancies can be caught early, before they impact the overall budget.

Code Word: Success

All new homes and most remodels require an inspection to make sure they're up to code, meaning that everything is installed, wired and functioning properly. This is important because it guarantees the overall health and safety of your family or occupants. Make sure you and/or your contractor knows what guidelines to follow so that your remodel is up to code. Doing the job properly the first time around will save you a lot of money and work in the long run.

Keep an Open Mind

You may have an exact vision of what you'd like your remodel to look like, but it's important to try and keep an open mind—especially when professionals offer suggestions. They may suggest an idea that you hadn't thought of yet and you may end up being thrilled with it. Do yourself a favor and give honest and due consideration to other people's ideas.

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